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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tucker9037, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me how my civvi and TA pay is worked out at Chilwell? I joined the TA in May. Due to deploy on Herrick 18.
  2. Civvi pay + TA pay.

    If you've not been in the TA for a year make sure they work this out properly, they can work it out allowing for april, they'll have to factor in bounty.

    Make sure you bang the hours in both as they'll match it.
  3. Take all evidence of your past year's earnings and material benefits along with you (TA and civvy payslips, P60, evidence of company car, letter from your employer, pension details etc). You'll have an interview with an Adjudication Officer in your first few days who will/should sign off everything you can prove. If you're self employed you need an official letter from your accountant (I think-I'm not self employed). Maximum is ~£546 per day, or about £200k per year, or £300k for medical consultants deploying in role. It then gets paid as a daily allowance. you can claim throughout the time you're mobilised I think. There will be advice in your call out papers and you can also google the legislation that covers it.
  4. usually incorrectly.

    when do you go to chilwell? try and bring as many pay statements and P60's (both TA and civvie) etc as possible, i think it asks for 3 months but i'd bring at least 6 as well as any tax stuff. Does you combined TA pay and civvie pay amount to more than you're military pay? if it does they'll work out by how much using the docs i've mentioned and bump up your pay, if you get any annual bonuses etc try to remember to include these as well. this seems to go pete tong pretty often so keep on top of your pay statements and make sure you're on the right tax code once you're being paid by the MOD and then also once you come back to civvie st.

    some pay wallah will be along in a minute to correct me and give you the right/latest info no doubt but all the best anyway.
  5. Thanks for reply's. go to chilwell 10th November
  6. I am a level 7 ranger as I was fulltime before. Was out for 4 years and joined TA in may. I kept my pay level so does this mean I would qualify for the higher rate bounty or is it down to time served with unit?
  7. Someone else may correct me but you only start on top rate bounty if you have less then two years break in service.
  8. Evidence of 12 months pay, benefits, pension etc. Take EVERYTHING you have and take your time when in the chair. Sort it or lose it !!
  9. Especially you pension arragements, start getting the evidence.

    Last time at Chilwell they said they'd honour my civvi pension and pay into it, like they are legally obliged to.

    I found out they were deducting 1p per month off me and didn't pay anything in.

    On investigating they'd just not paid it, I turned up at Chilwell in person to complain, they then accused my civvi pension provider of stealing the money, and told me to sort it out.

    Then after investigating several thousand pounds suddenly turned up in my pension fund.

    The woman doing it had fcuked it up then lied to my face it had been paid.

    I did put a formal complaint in, but nobody bothered to reply.
  10. You get the your TA wage for the past year as well as your civvy wage minus last years bounty, what unit you with Tucker?
  11. Really, I thought Bounty was included, I too am deploying on H18 and report to Chillwell on 26th November?

  12. What made you decide to carry on with your Civvy pension out of curiosity? Just making my mind up and it looks like there's a stromg financial advantage to RFPS, even if it is only for one year. Just want to make sure I've got my sums right.
  13. Bounty definitely not-says in the call out notice. If you think about it, bounty is a retainer to encourage you to turn up and complete your MATTs in the absence of any other means of control; once you're mobilised you have to! I'll also be there on the 26th!
  14. Your Tour (at least it did back in 2004) should count towards your bounty?
  15. It counts toward your bounty subject to certain conditions outlined in your call out notice, but your bounty is not included for the payment of the Reservists Allowance.