Pay adjustment for some, but not other tiffies!

Discussion in 'REME' started by BIRO, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. 8O -- What the feckinhell is the latest Corps ASM on about when he mentions in the latest DEME(A) rag that the pay is in hand and will be sorted out ASAP?. Does this mean we will all see an increase in our pay to match our counterparts ( up to 6.5K after tax) or do those that have already received the cash pay it back??!! Give us some more info than you have MUPPET!!
  2. Its not going to get sorted out any time soon mate, I reckon that those that got some cash will need to keep hold of it for a while yet before the heats off sufficiently to spend it - i.e. I reckon they'll want it back!

    This whole thing has been a massive embarrasment right up to the highest levels and the knee-jerk reaction of paying out 100's of thousands of quids was not the best course of action - especially when it was'nt public knowledge untill they started paying up...... Sitting on it and waiting untill exactly what had gone on and a suitable repair had been worked out would have been safer and much easier to reconcille or sort out after the event. As it stands now, they have to openly disclose the exact mistake that was made and to whom, then either pay those that haven't already been but are due, or take all the money back and say sorry......

    Luckily for me, it shouldn't affect me so I cant say I'm really THAT arrsed about it, but I can see how those it does affect would be bl@@dy seething............

    Its just another P2K fiasco in my book - we got shafted when it came in and we are still getting it now. I defy any other Arm or Corps to justify why their Pte soldiers should be on more money than ours - I know how hard MY lot work............ Its been w@nk since day one and it aint gettin any better.............

    My. My, what a foul mood I'm in today...................
  3. You said it Battsimm.

    Ever since I transferred to the Corps, I've noticed that all we seem to do is get butt furked. Whether it's money, carried over leave, Op tours, adv trg courses. All the other A&S seem to have their managers looking out for them. The Corps IS trying to sort it in some units but people are still signing off to work for less in Civvi street. HELLO, YOU THERE IN THE FRONT SEATS, why is that do you wonder? Sort it out for once and play the game. Corps members work their knadgers off so you bloody lot can sit in the officers mess drinking poofy drinks and chatting about polo or something. Give a little back by giving a damn about them.

    'Nuff said.

    I guess I'm a little miffed today too!!
  4. Sorry wedge, however this is not in the officers mess, but up in Whitehall with the Big Boys!

    The fact is that under Pay 2000, the REME lost out big style. We were right royally outflanked and shafted. The reason was that our colleagues in the Arty/Engr/Inf etc all successfully argued that their jobs were equally skilled, the result being that they were graded along the same lines as us - eg they got the equivalent of trade pay as well.

    If you're looking to put blame somewhere, I suggest that it would be with certain folk who have moved on now, and retired with their full pensions.

    The other reality is that we are in a society that does not value any skill at trade whatsoever - look at what we do. We throw things out rather than repair them, the only upgrades we do are as a result of fashion rather than utility.

    I really think that the only time that you will be properly valued for the excellent skills that you have as a REME is when the lights go off, the power stations have run out, and you're the only one with a working tv.

    With reference to the other Arms and Services, making a shell go 26 km and land within 200m of its intended target is very important work isn't it? As is closing with the enemy and shoving a bayonet in his rib cage? Or is it spending up to 18 months on a training course to keep the punch in the army's fist as a young lad, working on your own, repairing equipment from first principles........
  5. I love that phrase!

    say it again...
    just for me...

  6. It all stems from the loss of our General.... A sad day and one that has been having repercussions ever since...............

    Spanner - that last paragraph, irony or sarcasm?..... Cant put my finger on it...

    Do like "First princilpes" though!........................

    (Happy JB68?)
  7. Found this extract in the Army Briefing Note from Mar 2005:


    Feb 06 - Pay Range Movements. Movements between the Higher and Lower Pay Ranges and vice versa occasioned by JSJET, grant/relinquishment of Employment Qualifications and transfers between Regt/Corps (3,072 soldiers).

    Looks like these issues may have been around longer than we thought? This would also explain why Feb kicked off all these extra payments?

    Perhaps those who didn't get the extra wonga (me included) won't want to see the next extract taken from the same briefing note:

    Phase 1 was completed in Dec 04 and corrected the pay for approximately 1,000 soldiers. All over-issues in pay were written off with Treasury authority.

    Nothing to do but to sit and wait.........
  8. Have been lucky enough to be picked from a cast of thousands to sit in on an AFPRB meeeting next week. Top of my agenda - Pay cut 2000!!!!! Why are VM's jumping ship to be Tech Stmn(nothing against Tech Stmn), oh yeh i know why work in the pissi*g rain when you can be sat in a nice warm box body for the same moneyand a dam sight less hassle.

    Am looking forward to giving the pen pushers a hard time about pay scales. No matter what i say i have a funny feeling nothing will happen.
  9. Whilst lots is being discussed at higher levels about the "owed" back pay for tiffies i believe there is a cut off date ? ( can someone enlighten me ) If so it it true that completion of tiffy course will see your pay scale start on at least level 3 ? If so when did this change as when introduced pay cut 2000 started all ranks on level 1. Am i right in thinking we now have tiffies 2 or 3 yrs from training earning more than WO2's that were " lucky enough to be encompassed by the wonder new pay system ?
  10. Don't know what you mean????????

    Remember on the old system you had Levels and bands and also additional money such as time increments (9 year, etc). Every Sgt, for example, was not on the same pay. Every individual moved onto the new scales according to trade (higher or lower) and slotted into the next higher level related to whatever their daily rate on the old system was. You could, therefore, end up on any level at your rank at the start!!!

    I was a Sgt when pay 2000 came in and slotted into Sgt Level 3 Higher range and had yearly increments after. No-one started at level 1 unless that happened to be where your pay level was. This is true with everyone i can think of at the Unit i was with at the time. It was quite a big thing at the time because no-one really knew where they would slot in.

    I'm sure that many more people of all ranks on her will have similar stories to back this up.
  11. Also, nothing has changed since pay 2000 came in. Guys who finished in 2002, for example, recieved a minimum 2% pay rise when moving from Sgt to SSgt. If you were newly promoted for the course you could end up on level 1 SSgt, if you had been a Sgt for a few years you could end up on level 2 or 3.

    This has always been the same for pay 2000. The level to level 'fix' is an altogether different beastie.