Pay & Accomodation at phase 2 - Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by hedkandi, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone help?
    I have searched loads of threads but cant actually find the answer.
    Does anyone know how much phase 2 recruits will be paying at Blandford for accomodation?
    Also, what is the pay for a phase 2 recruit? Are they classed as new entrant? or is that just in basic training?
    Also, does a person that has served previously and has re-enlisted get higher pay?
    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. If you re-enlist it's upto MCM DIV if you start on the payband you left on... Generally it depends on what trade and class you were when you left and what pay level you was on.
    If your straight out of phase 1, you start as a level 1 soldier, lower pay in trade training I believe, though please do not quote me on that.

    Hope that answers some of your questions.

  3. I believe that actually depends on how long you were out. Trades have changed considerably over the last couple of years, so it will probably be on an individual basis.
  4. heidtheba,

    touché my friend, something I overlooked.
    Best thing to do is ask the recruitment sgt, in turn he can get the answers you want from Glasgow, be prepared to hurry up and wait though.

  5. If it sounded condesending, it wasn't meant like that.

    A friend of mine got out and re-enlisted, thats why I believe its the way it is.
  6. It's ok fella, I never read it as condensending, it's actually quite useful knowing. I got a friend re-joining after 3 years out so anything I know I can duly pass on
  7. Thanks for your responses, I have actually been trying to speak to someone at Glasgow, but not having much joy. I will keep on trying though.
    I am re-enlisting and also re-trading, and as I have a house and need to sort out plans for it, I just thought it would be helpfull to know what I'd be getting paid, so would need to find out before I turn up to phase 2 really.
    I guess I would be getting the same as the "new out of phase 1 recruits" but not sure.
    Would be nice if I got more due to previous time served :)