Pay - A Rant

I have again not been correctly paid this month. I know the whole "don't rely on your TA pay" thing is abounding, but sometimes, due to circumstances, I have to.

If you were a shelf stacker in Sainsburys, and you didn't receive a months pay, you'd whinge like fuck to HR, and get it sorted out relatively quickly. However, in HM Forces, the common response seems to be "Wait out till we get it sorted". Which is usually "you'll get paid next month double", which in some cases never happens again. And the cycle repeats itself.

Its a fucking disgrace, and the "its the new system of JPA" excuse is starting to wear very fucking thin.

One Army? If thats the case, then get us paid to the same standard as the regulars. After talking to a few friends in the regs, they have had no such issue with JPA.
Praetorian said:
One Army? If thats the case, then get us paid to the same standard as the regulars. After talking to a few friends in the regs, they have had no such issue with JPA.
You are paid to the same standards. I know a few people who have major issues with their pay at the moment.
Right here is my point of view (and my PSAO has called me a militant) JPA has not been a good thing for the TA. However those of us in units where staff have gone grey overnight,have been paid correctly, woo hoo!

I have slagged off PSAOs before, but at 15 Bde RTC my pay is correct. My travel is paid up to date.

I would have agrreed with P but to be fair I am ok. Maybe they have just got a grip of JPA, better than other units.
Does anyone have their may pay statement listed twice on ArmyNet (have I had a double payment - for the same dates). Also at first glance it looks as if I've done a 3.5 day weekend (although part of it is in March and the other May with a 3 quid difference in daily rate of pay).
dingerr said:
Praetorian said:
One Army? If thats the case, then get us paid to the same standard as the regulars. After talking to a few friends in the regs, they have had no such issue with JPA.
You are paid to the same standards. I know a few people who have major issues with their pay at the moment.
I'm not saying its perfect for the regs, don't get me wrong, but they certainly havn't had the unit-wide fuck ups that the TA have had,
All personnel in my unit have been paid on time for the last 2 months and we are 300 strong. We did work like trojans to ensure everything was on the system and it has not been without trouble but it seems to work now. We have even been on camp and paid personnel camp pay and that all worked as well. There is now only one pay run for TA personnel and that is the 25th of each month. So as long as your attendance based pay is input by 2200hrs on the 24th you get it that month. So in essence you should be paid monthly from 25th to the 25th as long as your unit has input the data. No date in = no money out.


The old "don't rely on your TA pay" is all well and good, but in some circumstances it's unavoidable. I recently spent a couple of months out of work and was working all the days that my troop PSI could give me. And this month none of my troop has been paid. Problems with retention of soldiers I hear you cry? Whilst I appreciate it is far more important that regular soldiers are paid correctly and on time, TA soldiers get fobbed off with the same excuses, and in some cases never seem to recover the pay thats owed to them. I hope to fcuk that pay is sorted when (hopefully) I go regular. JPA by all accounts is as much use as a porous condom.

Rant over. :)

Have to sympathise with others in this position.

I'm well overdue pay, but the only support/comment I've had from the CofC is "you're not the only one - everyone in the Regt has problems", with no statement as to way forward, other than "It's a Regiment issue"

Fine - I appreciate that a problem at the regimental level needs to be resolved through the Regiment, but it would be nice to be given some idea of what the problem is, what is being done about it, and what timescales are involved. After all, it is OUR pay, isn't it?

So, yet again, in limbo...

Oh Joy...
i've not been paid since i started back in feb.. now i know people say that you wait months for your pay when you first join.. but nigh on 6 months is taking the urine...


I've made all the right noises at all the right people and those in the office at the TAC couldnt have been of any more help.. they gave us the number to call JAPC.. as there has been major problems with the new "300" style army numbers

I got through to a human being quite quickly considering i was calling mid day and spoke to someone there, who informed me that my bank details werent on the system so i was going to get paid by cheque.. but then informed me there was no MTD's on my file.. so i got my bank details on the system and they were very helpful in telling me what my options were, and what i could do next.

So when i called my TAC back, and told them what id been told, they hadnt heard of the cheque thing before but our PSAO has been jumping up n down to get the whole JPA pay thing sorted, so we've got a decent one i think.
I was then told, that all the MTD's are still to go on, as in the past, the 300 numbers had been rejecting all input put onto them hence why i hadnt been paid yet.. but they were hoping to have it all in July pay..

fingers crossed.. it goes.. i dont need my TA pay.. its mere beer tokens but i'll land right at best time for my magaluf holiday in august!
The HR "service" that MoD and APC Glasgow deem fit to give us, and the regular forces, WILL never improve, regardless of any hot air blown by any Civil servant, politican or senior officer, until such time as MoD is forced to really make APC Glasgow work. The only time MoD is forced to improve it's behaviour is AFTER MoD has been bent over by the high Courts and f**ked *********** for breaking the law. Until then, we'll continue to enjoy a frankly unlawful situation.
The Army has never paid me, and whilst I never joined to get paid, I'd like to have what's owed to me.

I was attested on 10 Jan 07, and am now owed around £750. Was it ever this bad when you folks joined?
When I joined, last century, it took about 8 months to get a service number, then start getting paid...

Since then, there has been no real trouble, apart from Bounties, which seem to have delays with no rhyme or reason.

Currently awaiting about £1200 overdue pay.
Maj Sharpe there should be no reason why you have not been paid. Speak to your pay staff and make sure they have processed your attendance.
I'm lucky as the clerk at my posse is pretty switched-on.

There is obviously a lottery at Glasgow, who decide on a random basis which units pay to muck up.

Clearly nothing is ever input wrongly at units - its always Glasgow.

Yeah, right...
Whilst there are still issues with some aspects of attendance based pay, mainly for new entrants, on the whole it is pretty well sorted as long as your SPSIs are getting pay sheets to your administrators on time and uploads are done before the cut off on 24th of the month. If you are due pay and the system is not paying it to you your admin set up can give you a cash payment until JPA catches up - there is no reason you should be out of pocket!! If you unit deny that there is a system for this ask for an "EPIC" - (Early Payment In Cash)
Sorry, but response fm my unit is "my pay is screwed up too, you're not going to be paid before I am - get used to it...."

Guess what? I'm off'ski... (surprise, suprise)
Mongoose said:
Are your unit HR staff old and/or not computer literate? If so, there's the cause of your problems right there
Probably just ill-trained for JPA, ill-advised by a JPAC struggling to cope with the backlog of problems, and more focussed on important things like ensuring the bands have been booked for the Summer Balls...

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