Pay 2k (again! sorry)


The Army owe me money - strange situation to be in really. I was placed on the wrong level and didnt discover the error. They now owe me over a grand.

What do arrse members think is an acceptable amount of time to wait from the error being discovered, to me getting the wedge in the bank? Its not only me, there are other people in my trade group who are in the same situation, and are experiencing a similar disinterest by Glasgow.

Any thoughts?



Talk to you chain of command NOW.  This is totally unacceptable and (according to my own pay office) probably illegal.  Your OC needs to get the Pay office to initiate a TQ (technical query).  After that you should submit a formal request in writing to the chain for it to be sorted.  If that does not work then do it again using the phrase "Redress of Grievance".  As for the timescale, you should receive a response within 24-48 hours at each stage.  The overall behaviour of Glasgow over recent years has been nothing short of scandalous.  No civillian mployer could hope to act his way-good luck in fighting for  what you are legally entitled to in the first place!!!!
Besar, in Civvy Street we would ask for interest for the period you were without the money too.


Thanks very much to all who replied. I'm chasing the chain of command on the issue, however it seems that the system is inundated with pay2k problems, but i'v pointed out that that isnt my problem!! Again cheers for the input :)

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