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I am sure that this topic has been done to death but hey....

Two years ago when I was selected for promotion I was asked to extend my posting and fill a gap in the unit, taking promotion early. I have since realised that thanks to the fantastic pay system we all know and love I will now be one incremental point lower for the rest of my career!

Seems rather unfair to loose out for doing the Army a favour! (Last time I do that.) I have asked my pay office about it but have been told - unlucky - should have done what he did and delayed my promotion till after my incremental rise. Is there anyway to appeal this?

I'm sure I'm not the only one in this position as I know plenty of people who say they would have been better off had they not been so sucessful. It's very galling to find that peers who got promoted the year after me or even later have jumped above me on the pay scale.
I've just changed bands (L to High), meaning I went from L level 4 to H level 1 giving me an extra pound a day. Still not happy about my IDD being reset on promotion and wiping out the pay increase I had.

All that work I had to put in to go back to high pay band and so little reward for it.
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