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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by polar, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. Just after a little bit of advice.

    When you get promoted should you goto a band that is a certain percentage above your current rank (around 2%)? When I went from Pte to LCpl I'm sure I got about £7-10 extra a day but now I've found I'm only £1.49 per day better off after promotion (have dropped pay band tho).

    That can't right

    thanks in advance
  2. Polar,

    the rule is that you receive a minimum of a 2% rise on promotion. If you are a long way below the starting level for the new rank then you will get a much larger rise in percentage terms. £1.49 sounds about right - so long as your pre-promotion rate of pay was less than £74.50?

    Hope that helps
  3. Polar,

    I had a Pay2k fiasco with my change of CEQ from SSgt Tech to FofS. The FSA was supposed to refer my case to MCM Div, then pay me the diffrence in wages. S/he paid me the difference but did not raise a Checkpoint issue with the Pay system. As I arrived in my new Unit, the FSA here has spent 2 months digging through the carnage of my pay file. MCM Div are blissfully unaware that my pay is screwed (as they have never been told) and I may have been paid illegally. The Difference over 2 years between SSGT tech and FofS is a few grand, which ended up in my sky rocket. I live in fear of a negative wage packet as they recover the cash.

    With Pay2000 you are guaranteed a minimum pay increase of 2% to the nearest increment. A Sgt tech level 4 (H) for example needs to transfer to the nearest level on promotion to SSgt. This might be Level 5 (L) if the Level 5 rate of pay + 2% is lower than 4(H) then he must go on to Level 5.

    Another misconception held by some FSA's is that if you are promoted within Pay2k that you mark time until your length of time in rank matches the level of pay. Not so. As a newly promoted Level 5 (L) SSgt, you would increase to level 6 (L) 12 months after promotion. Assuming that you are a trade going from H to L at SSgt, you will top out at Level 7 as a SSgt.

    This issue is close to my heart, having been seen off by Pay 2 k, and if you have any other questions, I will advise you accordingly. Hope you get sorted soon.
  4. Hope the attached is of help. I think it is correct.

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  5. All the posts and PM's have been a great help, I think Glasgow had me down as H3 but the last pay statement I was on H4 rates.

    It was the first time I'd been promoted under P2K and now I fully understand all the whinging that went on (I think I understand P2K now, our clerks couldn't explain it to me last night).

    Just need to bump off one or two in high pay band slots, so I can take their place :twisted: :twisted:
  6. ???

    78.35/76.86 = 1.93858964350767% r :lol:

    or more readably 1.94% .... splitting hairs, yeah I know
  7. Not quite true. Rate of Pay wef 1 /6/05 75.91
    rate of Pay wef 2 / 6/ 05 76.86 idd
    Rate of pay on promotion wef 1/06/05 78.35
    therefore % increase = 3.21% diff between 78.35 & 75.91 eg 2.44
  8. Another pay question:-

    When pay 2000 was introduced i went straight in at Level 9 (lower band), and satyed at that level for 2 years until I completed my trade course and then went on to Level 1 higher band because of my new trade. However my friend who was in the same situation went in on level 2 higher band apparently because she had marked time at level 9 for two years. I have queried this with my Admin office and have been told that my pay is right- although only over the phone because I am about 200 miles from my admin office. But im curious as to how she has mananged to get on an increment level higher than me although we were in the same situation. Anyone able to give me an answer? Will divulge more info re trades ect via PM to anyone who is in the know.

    Thanks in anticipation

  9. Probably her IDD date is before yours, lots of more junior time in rank jumped over the more senior because of this anomoly.
  10. at_ease/paymaster,

    Just trying to get my head around the IDD, in my case am I correct in thinking has I not been promoted I would have had a pay increase but because I was promoted I gained a new IDD of 1/6/2006?

    Not trying to be a knob, just wanting to understand the system in case any of my troop ask me (as rumour is we won't have any regular staff at my units location soon).
  11. That is correct. Your new IDD shows as 1/6/06.
  12. correct you get a new IDD on promotion.
  13. Sluice - it makes a difference if you were promoted or just changed pay ranges on completion of your course. If you weren't promoted then you may be in for some cash as there is work currently going on (level to level) which could be to your benefit.
  14. Sluice,

    Nothing to do with mark time.

    Because you already had a Class 1 eq when you qualified for your next class 1 you did not receive an Advanced Incremental Progression (AIP). which moves you on 12 months to the next level. Your friend had not previously qualified as class 1 so on passing her class 1 was moved on to the next level. So even though you had spent 18 mths longer as a lcpl than her she was progressed because she was not class 1 previously.

    Hope this clarifies things for you.

  15. Thanks for the info. Seems a bit mad that time served etc wasn't taken into consideration and the fact i'd decided to better myself.