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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Gunner_ear, Jan 13, 2002.

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  1. :(
    OK, So whose bright idea was this then? This extremely fair and not recruiting/retention driven at all move to save money after SDR.

    I'm not even gonna go down the lines of contract signed - perceived earnings route.....
  2. Apparently - for those of you looking after TA units - Pay 2K will require each soldier to be established against an LSN. Speaking as someone holding700 troops against an establishment of 322 this will mean some interesting accounting at Glasgow or no pay for a few TA chaps!
  3. :pCould use the extra money for those of us Re Scaled to a lower rate....

    After all, would you wish someone behind you armed with 96lb HE shells to be disenchanted, disallusioned and feeling completely let down by his / her own directorate?

    Not to even mention loyalty going both ways...

    Or even under valued soldiers?

    Nothing will change until the Officers refuse then new scales, by then WE might have forgotten? Not if I can help it. :mad:
  4. As a Household Cavalry Officer I am somewhat confused regarding all these complaints about Pay2000.    Surely if you are not being paid enough you just dip into your private income, or phone up daddy and ask him to send you a postal order.
  5. Can I apply for the higher rate?

    I can knock up a mean egg banjo and deep fry everything!!!

    I can play the triangle too.
  6. some people who work NEAR the big 95lb shells with the same cap badge were not even included in the new pay reveiw but still work as hard
  7. I think that you should only get the higher rate if you do your wartime role in peacetime for real and dont spend all your peacetime practising your war role. I mean the teeth arms earn their money when they actually deploy (doesn't everybody?) But the rest of the time they do seem to spend a lot of time in PT Kit or on block leave not really doing much at all.
  8. teeth arms go where they are told when they are told and we get the same amount of leave as everyone else no special favors for the specialists
  9. ........exactly, so why do they expect automatic promotion to the higher pay band?

    The ability to carry heavy shells does not warrant extra pay.  If it did, they would be replaced by a machine.

    If you create a system with 2 bands, somebody has to be in the lower one.  Grow up.
  10. not all Gunners carry shells some actually use radars or launch missiles or even do survey and as i hear is quite technical
  11. Hey Cyrano you could earn millions doing research for the MOD finding things out like "women are not as robust as men". 2 bands and someone has to be in the lower one. Hm so thats what all the noise was about. A true statement but it doesn't make it right or fair.
  12. Wish I did earn millions, but my cap-badge is in........
    ...the lower band. :(

    Spike Milligan once wrote that the time to start worrying about a British Soldier is when he stops whingeing.(Is that the correct spelling?)
  13. Veg


    Cyrano's comment

    'If you create a system with 2 bands, somebody has to be in the lower one.  Grow up. '

    Yes, what a sensible chap, you must be either a chef, or a yes man with no real idea on pay 2000 and the vast numbers of trades in the Army that have been shafted by it.
  14. I used to think we were in 'THE' British army so why dont we all get the same but higher at the end of the day we are all expected to fight
  15. but not each other as seems to be the trend