Pay 2000 (yet again)

Just after a little bit of advice.

When you get promoted should you goto a band that is a certain percentage above your current rank? When I went from Pte to LCpl I'm sure I got about £7-10 extra a day but now I've found I'm only £1.49 per day better off.

That can't right

p.s. I'm trying to hide my rank but you could probably guess I've just dropped from High to Low pay band
The amount of your pay rise on promotion is based on a minimum percentage basis. Where you currently are on the ranges influences what percentage pay rise you will get upon promotion, coupled with any movement between ranges. That said, there is a minimum percentage rise, which i believe to be 2.5 percent (but i have heard it quoted as 2%, a quick scan of the army website hasnt confirmed either way).

Suffice to say, if your pay rise didnt equal the minimum percentage amount, then something is wrong. A little basic maths shows that a pay rise of 1.49 a day, would mean your were being paid around 59 quid a day in your previous rank (assuming a 2.5 percent rise). If the actual figures differ dramatically from that, something may be amiss. Or you could go and ask your RAO.

boney_m said:
would mean your were being paid around 59 quid a day in your previous rank
Thanks BM, I'm on more than that. Already questioned the RAWO(V) will try the regular one next Tues.

Next question would be what happens when a high pay band slot comes available and I get it. Guess I'm just gonna be going thro another Pay 2000 vortex as some TA don't get it.
Boney - have you started working in the RAO?
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