Pay 2000 - trade pay


A question for all of those that have been in a while and are more experienced about these things.

I had been told that once I got my class 3 technician (T3) I would get some sort of pay increment. I am now being told that I might not get any increment because of Pay 2000 (qu-est ce que c'est?). Does anyone know what this is all about? Or am I just being fleeced by my squadron admin bod?

Anywhere I can get further information on this?
As I understand it, you go up one level for your Class 3, get nowt for your Class 2 (unlike regulars) and go up another level for your Class 1 (you also go up levels on promotion and anniversaries of promotion). Your unit SPS wallah will be delighted to give you a two-hour lecture on Pay 2000 and it's loveliness.

EDIT: to add; Pay 2000 was this wonderful review designed to make everything fairer and easier (honest!). They are still sorting it all out 6 years later.

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