Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by CLOONEY, Dec 19, 2003.

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  1. Could somebody please confirm the rumour that those girls in the AGC have just had a job evaluation and are indeed moving up into the Higher Bands ? It would appear that they are no longer content to sit on their arrse's just looking pretty, they actually are now demanding a decent wage - would rather see tax payers money going to build another dome !!
  2. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Short answer - No!

    Every employment under Paycut 2000 is evaluated every 5 years, once evaluated it cannot be looked at for at least another 5 years. The AGC (SPS) were due to be re-evaluated in 2004, however it was decided that there would be little or no change in responsibilities and therefore highly unlikely that the re-evaluation would result in a change to the higher pay band. Thus if it was looked at in 2004 it would mean that it would not be looked at again until 2009.

    The advent of JPA in 2005 will mean a major re-structuring within the SPS branch and the possible requirement for more technically qualified personnel within the Corps.

    It has been decided therefore that the re-evaluation for Pay 2000 for the AGC (SPS) will now take place in 2007, hopefully resulting in a well-deserved pay rise for those hard working bods in the Pay Office a full 2 years earlier!!

    I know this explanation involves the use of some basic arithmetic so if you do not understand then please ask that underpaid but ever so helpful Clerk behind the counter, who will be only too happy to help you. :D
  3. Not just the ones in the Pay Office - please?
  4. If you fancy a bit of 'overtime' Dale.....let me know.
  5. DS - You know where I am - just let me know when!
  6. I'll be in touch. :wink:
  7. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Get a room!
  8. Hoping som pay2k guru can help. What happens if a JE downgrades a job from high to low? Does the soldier have some sort of reserved rights?

  9. Yes - 3 years Reserved Rights (which means that you stay on the Higher Range and get AFPRB awards and annual increments) followed by Mark Time rates of pay(which means you are effectively frozen on that rate) until the rate you should be on (ie the lower range)becomes greater than the actual rate in issue.

    If you are promoted you get a 2% rise on whatever rate of pay is in issue.

    Quite disappointed I knew that!
  10. Mutineer,

    Thanks very much!! I am (selfishly) happy with that as I am out 2 years after this change may come into affect, so it seems that I wont lose any dough.

    For future reference, what publication is this in as the RAO in my place is as helpful as a Talaban lawyer to a Jewish settler on the west bank....
  11. The Pay Warrant Article 462a Amendment 70. It is a thoroughly riveting bedtime read, especially for those suffering from insomnia. 8O
  12. on rates of pay...... how can anyone justify the army welfare service being on top rate pay?? i have heard it is stress related??? if this is true they need stronger people there. the high rate should be given to all units who deploy on real operations. i am past deployement and fully support my lower rate of pay