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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ApissedoffVE, Jul 2, 2005.

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  1. Hi, I was looking for sime advice to confirm / deny a rumour I have heard.

    I may be getting promoted this year from Cpl to Sgt, I am currently level 5 Cpl on £75.00 a day. I have heard that should I be lucky enough to win the lottery that is promotion I will go across to Sgt at level 5, get 2% on top and mark time for 4 or so years.This sounds a little far fetched as I would have thought that I would go across at level 1 - get a measly £2.00 a day increase and progress yearly from there !!!

    Any informed people out there able to shed some light please ?
  2. You will go to either level 1 at Sgt, or the next highest increment that gives you at least 2% (May be 2.5, not sure without digging). Marking time was a paycut 2000 transition thing, it shouldnt happen now.

    If, however, you move from Lower to Higher, or Higher to Lower the rules are not quite so simple. Ask the advice of your RAO. I moved between ranges in 2001, and i've been underpaid eversince. Take the correct advice, and make sure they get it right.

  3. Pay rise is min 5% - I assume yr current rate is £75.43 - level 5 Higher CPL - depending on trade you will go to either £79.67 if higher range (inc level 2 so 5 more) or if lower £80.26 (inc level 6 so only 1 more).
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  5. Sure about that 5%? It's 2% minimum pay rise on promotion in Grey Funnel Shipping Lines, if you're correct it would appear that Pay 2000 isn't quite as "joint" as we've been led to believe...
  6. Its 2%, i asked the pay bloke at work today.

  7. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    OK, here is the DS answer - ignore all those other strange people behind the curtain.

    You don't say whether you are moving to the Lower Band or not on promotion so I will give you both rates.

    You are currently a Higher Level 5 Cpl on £75.43 day, if you get promoted to Sgt and stay on the Higher Level your new daily rate will be £77.96. (Sgt Higher Level 1).

    If promoted and moving to the Lower Band your new daily rate will be £77.58. (Sgt Lower Level 5).

    Either instance will still give you an incremental rise each year.

    And if your pay staff couldn't answer this - tell them they're cnuts!
  8. Soldier Why you are an absolute star - thanks as well to all who replied.

    Just great isn't it - Scrots who have progressed under Paycut 2000 i.e. Class 3, Class 2 and Class 1 increments as well as yearly increases will be on more than me as a Sgt as I progressed under the old system and have only received yearly increments. Interesting side note, I am due an annual increase (IDD ?) in Sept this year - if I get promoted before then I get no IDD till my anniversary of promotion 2006 although someone in my situation who is promoted after receiving the IDD in Sept will have less seniority but more money until we both top out as Sgt's !!!!!!

    Theoretically - if we both get promoted similarly, I will always be paid less although senior ( albeit by a month or two !!!).

    Not very well thought out this Pay 2000 is it ?!?!?

    And yes, this situation is about to happen with a Cnut I work with - obviously Cnuty B*llocks is gonna benefit and I'll get shafted - Great
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