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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by whitemouse75, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. is there any way of finding out whats happening regarding the back pay that has been owed for over 2 years?

    the pay staff at my unit won't discuss it and say they won't get in touch with worthy down until sept, as that is how long they have to resolve the problem.
  2. PM me some details.
  3. pm sent, anything else you need?
  4. Same dramas with me , its been going on for 15 months now . My unit pay office has been in touch with Glasgow
    and Glasgow have accepted there is a software problem . Fair do's my pay office has given me an advance of pay
    because they say i will get the back pay . It would be good to have this resolved .Imagine if this happened in
    a civilian job , surely there is a manual input that the pay staff at Glasgow can do . Its gone on far too long
    and it works out to about 4 quid a day .
  5. mu unit wont even confirm wether or not the money is owed at all, so therefore wont discuss an advance
  6. I think you are owed higher band wef 13 Oct - 31 Mar. APC are checking now. If you are due, your account will be retransitioned into P2k and the back pay will be picked up. I will PM you with results.
  7. Your unit should have notified DSPSA, I will find details of any P2k related cock ups including FTRS to S Type's that got scalped when they changed engagement. The POC is WO1 Lazell at DSPSA.
  8. Glasgow can't do anything if you are part of the P2K follow on work. DSPSA and Worthy Down are fixing the programmes and Glasgow don't have the authority nor system to pay you.
    Most units are managing it through P2K advances at unit level and working out tax etc manually.. could be something to discuss with your FSA.
  9. i've been trying for 2 years!! closed subject until sept for us apparently....
  10. PM me your number and I'll see if you are part of the P2k work as they have just fixed 2500 accounts for certain EQ's.

    If you can say what your EQ is, I'll find out whats going on with it
  11. There may be light at the end of the tunnel for those waiting for P2K follow on work. I've been owed an increment since Sep 2001 - went into work today and there was a pay statement on my desk - my backpay all there, advances deducted and putting me on the correct increment. They have obviously sorted out the computer problems and i've got an extra grand this month to spend!!!
  12. a large amount of reme tiffys have just received approx £3000 each backpay!!! Bastrds
  13. At last some respect for God's Children!

    Yeah i'm one of them, he he he.
  14. any news? i need a bit of notice to decide what to spend it all on....