Pay 2000 - a CMT Failure

Pay 2000 has had ups and downs for different individuals but for CMTs it has only succeeded to dissapoint.  On the old system on reachng Sgt CMT's got Technicians pay (albeit they had been technicians by trade name definition since joining).  However, a year later the Pay Review Body is still sitting on the fence as to whether CMT's are higher or lower pay band.  WELL SORT IT OUT U OUT THERE!!  Has nobody noticed that CMTs are leaving to become Paramedics (higher pay etc)???  They are so worried about the Doctors etc that they are forgetting about the grass routes of the RAMC!!!!!
Good thread Baby -
What annoys me (and the others), is that we do our jobs PRN.  Peace or war, everyone gets hurt.
We are on lower band until WOI - good retention....not.
Same goes for chefs etc etc....
The Infantry, on the other hand get higher rate for checking my ID card and making sure the NAAFI is secure - only to do their job in war. Retention was the idea, i think - but its backfired, seen how many CMT's are leaving for better paid jobs on the other side?? :(
yes but when is the DMS going to twig the level we need our CMT's at is paramedic with the recognised certification. If they ever do and they are giving the qualification and people are taking it and running to civvi street they'd soon boost the pay.
Can I ask how P2000 has affected the 'grey mafia' espically Jnco nurses? Unfortunatley we never seem to get PSI'S from QA's even though on the establishment at least 1 of the slots is allegdly QA and the only QA permenant staff we have is FTRS
Nurse you have just hit the nail on the head !

They will never give the certification to CMT's (paramedic) because they would then have to pay them more to keep them and they would have to release them more often for re-certification so it aint going to happen ?
which imho is short sighted. Civvies now expect a paramedic properly acredited to tend them so why shouldn't soldiers? With clinical governance the army could be leaving itself wide open in this respect.
OK out there.  Lets forget, albeit hard to, that CMT's and nurses in the Army have stood their ground in the battle field within all our living memories only to be let down with no recognition.  Alternatively, let us explore this from another angle.  Anyone remember when the civvy ambulance bods went on strike???  Who filled the gap.   Yep the under payed AND UN-RECOGNISED CMT's with military nurses often helping out.  So why do the CMT's do the job?  After all they are not recognised as paramedics and there is a legal loophole that could leave them open to be sued.  Answers on a postcard please.

GET A GRIP PAY 2000!  The times for getting something for nothing have gone.  What is the good of spending all this money at the MOD researchng on how you can retain/recruit Doctors/Surgeons etc?  When you finally achieve your goal you have no medical support staff to assist them!  
Yes ambulance strike that was excellent work the Med corps gave. When I was a nursing student there were a group of ambulance crew who used our accomidation when on standby for cardiac ambulance. Although most were married they saw it as their right to try it on with students. Tried to go on one night about they were the profession who were going to take over the NHS. When asked about the response times of London ambulance compared to when the Royal Army Medical Corps did the job they went very quiet and wound their necks in considerably. Had been told all about it whilst on my RMA 2(V) course at keogh.
CMT's will never be paid the correct amount of money for their job as there are too many whingeing gits who will always want more.

Soldiers today do it only for the money not for the job as I do.

The simple answer is if you dont like the pay, get out, do the civy courses, then get a civy job.

seems simple to me ??????
The bridging course for CMT to Civvi Paramedic is £2000
You must also be prepared to forget all your NBC,Mountain,Hazmat (and any other quals you get) to pass this course. One step backward - MARCH.
I'm talking only, of course, about the blerks in my current posting and not most CMT's who would love (i hope) to do a Paramedic role.
But, Alas, - They probably would'nt - as the money 'aint that great   :(
Take a look around you boys - maybe 20% of the lads even want to do med work - we're surrounded by armour converts ( should join the tankies then ), Bints who couldn't carry a bergan 100 yard without crying for a biff chit or getting pregnants and 17yo scrotes who shouldn't have been allowed into the ACIO.

British Army 'go **** yourself' all the decent lads are getting out & all the new lads of any calibre are re-trading to ODP / QA(Handbag)

You had your chance with the Common whore course, but without annual re-certification, HIGHER PAY BAND or at the very least some regular placement the trade will die. Soon.
The CMT will never die !

The amount of new entrants may reduce slightly and many of the older, bolder CMT's may leave, but the trade will not die ! WHY ? because there is a requirement in the big army.

Plus all is not as simple as you make it sound.

There are CMT's such as myself who have no intention of continueing my medical trade on departing from the Army.

By then I will have had enough. The pay in civ div for what I do now is almost a third less so why should I even consider it ?


Hunggrey Hippo..

You have misunderstood.  CMTs are in the Medical Corps not the Infantry.
Why pay extra for what trained monkeys can do.
What makes CMTs stand apart from Lab techs, X-ray Techs, ODPs? Nothing, so stay on the peanuts kiddies
Well I know that Paramedic training and qualification is coming for CMTS (as REMTP:Mil) as I have (and I cant be the only one) seen the paper that says it will. The CMT trade will be streamed into different career paths i.e Special Forces medic, Practice manager (capped at W02), REMTP Mil, Physicians assistant (starting at Sgt.) etc etc, it allows for a certain amount of movement between the streams (apart from GPM's who have to decide by Sgt to stay in that career path) and obviously attracts more money for the more technical jobs (PA for example) obviously not all CMTs will be running around as paramedics, because lets face it there will always be a continued requirement for 'Field Unit' Medics to perform core tasks like ATR instructors, QM staff, Med stores etc, but Paramedics there will be and they will be expected to maintain current and competent accreditaion like their civvy counterparts otherwise they lose it (and the pay with it). one interesting point is the job of Physicians assistant (PA) as there is no direct equivalent in the UK, though the US and Canada have them, it will definately be SNCO rank (accelerated promotion?) and will replace some RMO and RNO posts during ops and exercises, but this time with the authority and knowledge to back it up not as just a bridge to the MO
now that med stores is an Ad Qual for CMTs surely this must improve your chances of a career once you leave the forces, Tescos will snap you up!! :twisted: :twisted:
Cherry Red we shall get the necesary personnel still in those required jobs within the Field units as not all personnel will be selected to do paramedic training as they will not be up to it educationally. Same as with the PA only those with enouh Grey matter will progress up that route. Can not see how they are going to stop promoting you if you choose to go on the GPM route every one has to have the opportunity to attain the highest possible rank. Sure there is not a way that they can fit back into the GD roll as most of old CMT's are going to be there anyway!! Having been on a couple of teering meetings foir the CEG reveiw the questions you are asking have been asked. Funding as I see it is going to be a major stumbling block. Along with keeping the paramedic skills in date the only way they can do it is by using them in the NHS surely.
why is it that every CMT (younger type) thinks that they will walk into a para medic job on an oil rig the same day they hand in their MOD 90?
"Stacker to isle 9 please, the wagon wheel shelf is empty" more like :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Competition is stiff and theres only so many oil rigs although Tescos are always on the take.
You are so right Theatreman.

I gather that the paramedic on the rigs myth is often mentioned at the careers office.

Still, it's a shame that those with ability are not encouraged enough.
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