Pay 12 months still wrong

Hi all as some of you know i was having trouble with my pay as in not getting any for about 8 months and having to get impressed payments,
on re enlistment i was told i would be going back on a continuation of service,i signed no new contract,my first question however was as it should be will my pay be the same the answer was yes your on a continuation of service nothing would be changed,so i accepted,
now i was a supply controller on the higher pay band in specialist and supply controller have been joined to become suppliers all on the lower payband,all this i found out when i got to my unit in germany,i have also been put on the new pension which i oppted out of in 2004/2005, my impressed payments were made to me on the higher payband,becuase we were all led to beleive that was what i would be on,
guess what ive been told im on the lower payband becuase the supply controller trade dosnt exist anymore,i now owe my unit £7800 and im about £5000 short per year in my wages,unfortunatly my household bills & mortgage hasnt dropped £5000 per year and every where i turn to just dosnt yeald any answers ive tried ringing everyone,and now being told if i havent got it in writing then im not getting the higher payband,does anyone ,anywhere know what i can do next,every month i get paid this crap amount and im overdrawn with everyone and missing bills to keep my house,surley there is something i can do i have tried agai 70 action and heard nothing, and its been pushed up through the chain of command as far as brigade hq but still nothing,this is very seriously effecting my young Family in our home in the uk. help
I mean this in all seriousness

"Write to Soldier Magazine" - It seems the only way to get issues resolved these days.

Also Try your local MP/Press/Prime Minister. You have to name and shame them into dong something these days.

You'll get a gripping for spreading the word but thats a small price to pay for the well being of your kids.
Hmmm....There is the case of the RAF Officer who sued MoD in the Small Claims Court and won without breaking a sweat? Could be useful as I'd say any Judge would regard 12 months attempting to sort this out within the system a fairly good sign of trying to resolve the problem without recourse to law.
Just out of intrest, when did the trade get moved to the lower band? The reason I ask is I am pretty sure that those previosuly on the higher band would have been entitled to Mark Time rates of pay, and I dont see why that should not apply to you. Just another avenue and thought to explore
I feel for you mate, ive just re-enlisted too, same shpiel about same pay band but no, they still get it wrong !!!

My case isnt as bad as yours, i should be maxed out on Tpr wage (lower pay band), im now on level 4 and have god knows what deductions going out !!! I took home £450 last month after £1053 worth of deductions !!! With a £400 a month mortgage im up the creek without a paddle, went straight in on Feb 2nd but got told the issue wont be sorted until possibly Aprils pay :x , this is far from acceptable, i cannot survive on £12.50 a week !!

Makes you wonder why you re-enlist, got promised a bounty too but thats not happening !!!
ok the mark time i found out about when i got to my unit, i would have accepted that becuase it would have been on the higher pay band but no they put £5000 per year lower i was on more in 2004,
not only that they have also put me on the new pension scheme and told me i cant be moved back so i have 13 years on the old and 9 on the new to go,they also gave me a new regi number starting with 300 i was only out for 18 months for god sake,
written to my local MP today to see if that works ,my Regiment is fully behind me about my course of action
becuase i have used the chain and now there annoyed as much as i am
about it all
I would seek civvi legal advice, 12 months is taking the piss! I am led to beleive you could pursue loss of interest with investments etc, I would also request a OC's interview (which you can not be refused) ensure it is documented in the interview log! tell the oc if it is not resolved or you are not given a satisfactory answer, you will request a CO 's interview, once again logged!

if they do nothing seek legal action! you last alternative would be getting your parents or family to kick off, the last thing your ruperts would want is there names being handed to the press etc. I am sure if you inform your OC and explain bugger all is happening he should get it resolved as he has a duty of care!

hope it gets sorted mate.
im well ahead of you there mate OC was first then an agai 70 which i had no reply from back in july and still no answer to this date and the co interview who was livid with it all and was also under the impression it had been resolved also logged btw now im at MP level next step very reluctantly is the press,this will pain me a lot especialy being an old school soldier
Google "Small Claims Court" file a claim against the army either here or in the county court as an RAF chappie did.
Sly Fox i would be conserned that they give you a 300 number. I re-enlisted and kept my old number and everything carried on as before ( i was out for 4 1/2 years) so the fact they have given you a 300 number smacks to me that they are treating you as a new entry. Just a thought but befo go for the small claims ave and good luck getting it sorted soon
wrote to my local MP on friday,and got an email back saying he will be taking my pay problem up with the MOD for me,so fingers crossed
Slyfox, I would suggest your original contract, and by inference your original pay are still valid. If they have cut your pay instead of giving you mark time rates I would suggest a civvi employment lawyer is the only route that will get anywhere.

Pay clarks have no sense of personal responsibility and after 12 months its clear no one is going to take ownership of it. Start throwing legal letters about and someone will sort it pretty sharpish.
Looks like good news at last,someone from the jpa tiger team has been intouch today and said im supposed to be on marktime rates of pay as of when i re joined ane the whole problem was caused becuase of a change of name that means im going to get £64.80 per day as i was on in 2004 instead of the s"%&$$Y £52.20 im on at the moment i dunno the rest of the details but i knew being persistant would pay off in the end im owed now £12 a day for 320 days, and Jpa are still taking £244 off my wages this month for over due food charges,mad or what.

Thanks very much to Budman for your assistance i think this is your doing mate.thanks again

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