Paxman stomps ass

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pyianno, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Painfully good to watch:

  2. I watched this from behind the sofa. Horrific. Who put her up for this? It's like watching somebody's funeral. Politically speaking, I suspect it is exactly that.
  3. It was the televisual equivalent of slowing down when you drive past a car crash.
  4. It was the "are you incompetent" comment at the end that made it. It was a bit like watching Downfall. Instead of taking off her glasses with a shaking hand, she kept reaching for the water butt.

    Laurie Price will be along in a minute to tell us in a non-partisan way about bullying - once she's finished writing another piece of magnificent bollocks for the Independent, the Staggers or wherever.
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  5. You can see the veins in her neck pulsating with fear as her bullshit-synthesising brain goes into rapid overdrive.

    I hear Laurie Price is set for a bad press. Fingers crossed. Or I suppose legs crossed in her case.

    Did you see they've put a longer video up on YouTube? She really is dead above the neck.
  6. Inshallah.

    You should read her blog. Has somebody Hackwatched her yet?
  7. I tried reading it, it was too bad, so instead I sent her messages telling her she's a money-grabbing faux-socialist idiot.

    Not sure what the bad press might be. Keeping an ear to the ground. Hopefully something involving a camera and too much champagne.
  8. That wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. She's still in New York, n'est pas? Surrounded by sycophants and moaning about all the thicko blerks who can't grasp her fabulously clever apercus.

    She's been hired by the two biggest loss making publications in Fleet Street (Indy/Staggers) and still nobody has noticed the irony.

    She'll not appear before Paxo, even if they offer her a magnificent fee, that's for sure.

    She reminds me of Johann Hari, another talentless egoist, who I also think 'wrote' for the Independent.

    When Francis Wheen monstered him in Private Eye, he read it and burst into tears, which was quite gratifying in itself.
  9. In the longer video on youtube, after challenged by Starkey about her demanding exorbitant fees, she defends herself thus: "I don't have that much money".

    Oh how I laughed!

    Hari bullshitted his way to several orwell prizes didn't he? Speaks volumes about the judges.
  10. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    fcuk me its tony blair with tits
  11. The monstering in the Eye came before the Orwell humiliation and he got quite stroppy about it before he shut himself in his room with his Joy Division records.

    Why do failing newspapers hire these throbbers only to wonder why they're still failing? They're too young and too thick to offer a commentary on life. Perhaps it is a youth thing; a desperate editor trying to hire youngsters with a high tweet average, bunging them in the comment section as a pimp does to attract trade. They're lured by the bauble of youth but they should know better.

    They have no weight. Who cares what they think about anything?
  12. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I think that rubbing salt into a leg freshly grated by a motorway mishap would have been less painful than watching/listening to her response.
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  13. Too true. I very much dislike Laurie Penny but humiliating her as a slut would be vicious, if i comes down to that. Arousing, but vicious. She needs a firm slap, then to go away and do/learn some proper writing and maybe come back but then again the modern media and politics are vicious, amoral and animal.

    The Orwell awards are pretty good though, they gave one to this social worker chappie, I've forgotten his name but I read the whole of his blog and it was fantastic. Winston Smith! That's it.
  14. Private school, Oxford, then the New Statesman. I am not sure where within that trajectory Hari derives his authority to speak on matters moral or political. Nor Penny, who has a near identical background.

    Some prick of a columnist was tweeting the other day, "Here are my thoughts on [insert random subject]". Plus a link to the Guardian.

    So I found his personal email address and asked him straight out: "Who are you? Why should anybody care what you think?"

    Alas no response was forthcoming.
  15. Oh well, one can always hope.