Paxman kicks Bliars head in....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. ...over Iraq lies and immigration. The most gratifying thirty minutes of TV so far this year!
  2. Did i miss it? :cry:

    When and where (or was it a wet dream you had last night? :wink: )

    EDIT: anyone have a link to the broadcast or a transcript?
  3. Bugger! The first time in YEARS that Paxman acts like a Rottweiler instead of a lap-dog & I'm not in the bloody country to see it. :roll: :evil:
  4. see Guido for (i believe) the transcript
  5. Anything more complete anywhere?
  6. Can' tspot anything but vidoe of it on BBC site. Also he's on Radio 5 right now
  7. Much as I detest ar Tone he seemed to be putting up a decent defence of his invsion of Iraq.
    Well he put the blame fair and square on his shoulders, words to the effect of " Well I took the decision"
    Should be enough to convict him of taking the cuntry into an illegal war.
    As the war was illegal he should be accepting the blame for ALL sins and if anyone goes ta nick for any offence in this Illegal War it should be the Furher.
  8. On the easylum seeker 'numbers remaining' issue, Today had a labour apologist on who also couldn't say they knew how many didn't leave as there were no figures. He did say that he knew that 'substantial numbers' went back of their own accord. Prat !!. Unfortunately John Humphrys missed that one.
  9. Paxman did good, tosser Blair got a good thrashing, his mouth was getting so dry due to his continued lies and evasion of the questions he had to keep taking a drink.

    And on a personal note to you Bliar, should you read this, FOAD.
  10. Harrumph, never thought I would enjoy watching Paxman so much!

    Lovely jubbly!
  11. I saw the last couple of mins of it (as the missus wanted to watch desperate housewifes).
    bLIAR did sure look unhappy didn't he..