Paxman kebabs Ingram!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. BBC2 and Newsnight have just shown Paxman kebabing the Deefence Minister, Adam Ingram. I felt that Ingram was extremely defensive!

    Anyone else see it?

  2. Agreed Litotes - seemed as though Ingram had not even been briefed for the interview. Pisspoor. They really are a shower.
  3. Ingram, at times, could barely string a sentence together. Defensive and sweaty. Gonna get a lot hotter methinks.
  4. So when Paxman said that the Taleban didn't burn down schools and Ingram pointed out that they admitted to doing so, that they had cut of the heads of Primary school teachers in front of the children AND THE REPORTER DIDN'T EVEN QUESTION WHAT THE TALEBAN SPOKESMAN STATED, that was "barely stringing a sentence together", "seemed as though Ingram hadn't been briefed" and that Paxman was "kebabing" him.

    It seems to me that Your collective statements are as worthy as that Taleban spokesman if You spin the actuality to such an extent
  5. No problem with the report. Just that Ingram was and is out of his depth. The big story of the next few weeks, breaking now and indeed in the package that preceded the Paxo / Ingrams bout is the failure to back up PRT promises with action. All down to this rotten government.
  6. The Taleban spokesman's point was that "they only destroyed schools that taught Western values and destroyed their culture", IIRC. Elsewhere on this board, I recall that there has been a discussion about DfiD's desire to spread the equality message above all else. Hearts & Minds, anyone? But I am not here to espouse the Taleban's viewpoint! Killing teachers and destroying schools is pretty dumb.... from a western perspective.

    I thought Ingram looked like a rabbit in the headlights. I know Paxman was on his home ground and has many scalps in his collection, but Ingram could have tried to put his points across a bit better than he did. I felt he blustered on a couple of points and Paxman is too good an operator to let things like that pass.

  7. Go and watch it again Lilotes - the Taleban spokesman said no schools had been destroyed by them, he blamed it on Afghan army troops who were carrying out black ops to get the Taleban blamed.- The leader of a group of gunmen came out with the western cultural schools bit, making a lie of what the Taleban spokesman had just said. Loyn?? asked NO questions of the 'official' Taleban spokesman either of what his compadre had said or of the murdered teachers. He might well have been scared of the consequences of putting forward those questions but he should have said so.

    Infgram might not have put on the performance of some other politicians but he pointed out the shortfalls in the article.

    Tonights edition of Newsnight hasn't been placed on the website yet, when it does I will quote vertabrim the opening salvo which was anything but rabbits in headlights
  8. Not what I heard, Sven, but I will view the video, bandwidth permitting, with interest!

  9. Paxman "We spoke to a building contractor in Afghanistan who put up six schools. Two of them are now madrassas, two of them have been burned down by the Taliban, and two of them have been bombed by the Americans".

    Adam Ingram "And? Does that mean that we (the British) somehow condone this? no it doesn't. What's your point?"

    Paxman was a ******. The real question is what is the BBC doing providing PR for terrorists. Oh wait thinking back to the IRA.....

    BBC - we hate our country - this is what we do.
  10. BBC
    Bloody Blood Cuntry.
    is what I think your trying to say.
    I imagine the troops just back where at vomit staions.
  11. Is the video on yet? I can't seem to find it on the newsnight website.

    Edit: Neermind. Found it. :oops:
  12. I didnt know Ingram used to play the fife in a Loyalist band once.