Paxman interview with Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. What an electric interview that was on BBC2 tonight!

    Two weeks ago the BBC reported a leaked leaked paper written at the Defence Academy had raised doubts about the success of the army's role in Afghanistan, said the war in Iraq had become a recruiting sergeant for al-Qaeda and expressed concerns about the reliability of Pakistan's security services.

    LtGen Kiszely who is in charge of the Defence Academy was not happy & wanted to put Paxman straight. Have you ever known anyone trying to get one over with Paxman in an interview!
  2. He did just look as though he wanted to get up and smack Paxman for being such an arrogant sh*t! Unfortunately, Swiss Tony handled Paxman much better immediately afterwards - possibly because as a Politician the flannel, waffle, diversionary tactics and evasion comes much more easily to him than it does to a man for whom honesty and speaking his mind are paramount.
  3. I was waiting to see if he would have somesort of reaction to Paxman!
  4. What a load of tosh that was!

    All Paxo did was repeat the same nonsense for 15 minutes.

    Gen Kiss Kiss was boiling mad by the end, see how he glowered when he said thank you?
  5. Another standard "you're not giving me the answer I want" interview then............
  6. I am watching it now, Paxo is stuffing the good General. I missed the original programme, sadly, the Gen is trying to do the impossible. Surely the JSCSC should know that when you invite the press you do a politcians dodge the question and then get your point of view across.

    I personally think the General stuck with Party Line and this shafted him.

    From what I can tell, this leaked memo did not really say very much that was not already known. In terms of how the spin presented, it smacked of a David Kelly hatchet job.
  7. I've seen a couple of Paxo's interviews where the camera shows his face as the other person is answering a tough question. He smirks as they are on camera to wind them up. Then puts a serious face on to ask another question.
  8. Yes it is an old advocate's trick commonly used in court when faced with an intelligent and articulate witness and it is designed to elicit an angry response. Since an angry response is generally an ill-considered response it exposes that which is ill-considered open to counter-attack and the potential destruction of the entirety of the testimony given as a result of a single ill-considered response during an otherwise flawless testimony.

    It is also a technique used by internet trolls.

    You can watch the interview again until the end of tonights programme here:

    Regards and best wishes
  9. Thanks, watching it now.
  10. I thought that the General handled himself well in the face of banal questionning from Paxman. He answered the question eloquently and did not deviate from his message despite Paxman endlessly asking the same question. From my perspective Paxman looked foolish and the General got the better of him.

    Far better performance than CGS answering questions on cas the other week.
  11. "It's a piece of research... it's a piece of research... it's a..."

    This is the old parents' trick of the 'broken record technique'... when presented with an articulate smart arrse child.

    Why couldn't have Paxman used the time and moved on to ask more firmly what the General's view and the Academy's view is currently. Paxman is clearly direct but actually his questions are often poorly structured, but worse still, he doesn't present add on questions well, preferring to stick with his initial line. An opportunity wasted.
  12. I've just watched it on my PC and I have to say that I thought the good General won that one. He had a simple point to make, that it was research notes that were quoted on the earlier program and not a policy document. FFS, I've only got a CSE in Woodwork and I could understand that!! Paxo came aross as both unpleasant and repetitive in his questioning. He had nothing to say and resorted to what he thought were clever, revealing questions when in fact they were no such thing. To suggest that because the Defence Academy is under the Ministry of Defence therefore anything written by a student or staff member there is by definition Government or MOD policy seems to me to be particularly stupid. One can only wonder at the quality of research at Newsnight these days!
  13. I wonder if Paxman knew about Kiszely's history and broken bayonet!
  14. ...alright, spill the beans! Chapter and verse...