Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Chris_2oo6, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. on POTL now after 6 months on herrick, is there anyway i can cancel my pax or do i have to wait til im back in work, and go through the coy office???

  2. It can, but I sure as hell wouldn't stop it without something in writing from you. Nip in to your local unit, fill in the paperwork, fax it to your unit, job done.
  3. Are you planning to spend the next five years safe and sound in your bed then?

  4. Hehe, I thought something similar myself, then figured meh, if he's stupid enough to stop it, I'm stupid enough to tell him how :)
  5. You will need to complete a JPA PAX 2 form, which should be held by all military units.

    This then needs to be countersigned by your unit administration officer or whoever has been delegated their powers if the RAO is also on POTL.

    Note that they shouldn't countersign a fax as the form is a legal document and needs to be an original - just like the enrolment form.


  6. PAXBloke

    Any chance your firm is going to introduce a No Claims Discount?

    I like to think of myself as a careful warfighter/peace enforcer/peace keeper/regime change enabler/third world social worker, I'm not one of the boy racer Inf types cutting around with souped up weapon systems and a devil-may-care-attitude, and I am not one of those irresponsible Medal chasing Officer types whose obituaries in the Telegraph include the lines "with complete disregard for the safety of his men he ordered...." As I age, surely my premiums should reflect my lowered risk (Due mainly to gout, dodgy hips and a desk job where my age-related dementia is tolerated rather than being a career stopper).

    PS Do you use the same formula as the Civil Service? What, if any, payout can I expect for pressure sores and RSI?


    ? Bugger, what's my user name again
  7. no but intend to spend the next 2 yrs or so at least, doing as little as possible until my next deployment :)

    being inf i had the full 15 units on herrick which i obviously dont need now im back in the uk!!!

  8. Quality post!

    Anyway, seriously, any chance of a no claims discount? I've been maxed out on pax for years!
  9. It would be nice to reward long term plan members over those who jump in and out of the plan, but the priority at the moment is to balance a marketable price with bringing in sufficient income to pay the unprecedented level of claims.

    Those taking fifteen units for the duration of a tour and then cancelling it afterwards just make it more expensive for those who appreciate the risk of permanent disability from an accident out of theatre - from RTC, sporting, domestic injuries etc. - and plan their finances accordingly.

    Unfortunately I know of too many cases of people cancelling their cover and suffering serious injury shortly afterwards, but what can you do. Everyone has to balance the risks, make a decision and live with the consequences.