PAX stalling to payout

I injured myself falling of an AFV and smashed one of my back discs on my siatic nerve. The pain was quite bad. 2 months later it was unbearable I was in hospital on morphine being told that I might have a limp for the rest of my life. Anyway thank god the surgeon was a good one because I only have numbness down the leg and into the foot.
Pax get informed. I want my money!!! I get paid the hospital nights. I had to wait for the medical report for the back/nerve damage. The medical report was sent. 2 months later they said they were waiting for a decision. 4 months later they said that they had misplaced my medical report. 10 months later they are saying that the medical report hasnt been sent. I am fed up with them. Has anybody out there had any problems with these guys getting arrrsed around because I would like to know if Im just one in a million. My injury was a small one compared to lads who have been hurt on Ops so I dont need slagging off. I just need your opinions what I should do. Im thinking about these options:

1. Getting a letter from my solicitersent to them.
2. Writing to BBC Watchdog.
3. Geting my mate Dave with a gammy eye and a chainsaw in his hand to interview the arrogant, ill mannered, patronising, knob that was rude to my other half.
They are governed by the FSA and as such must have a strict complaints procedure. Pursue your complaint through each stage of this up to the highest level and failing satisfaction, take them to the ombudsman.I work in the insurance business and dealt with complaints for a long time. Believe me the louder you shout and complain the more likely you are to get a result. More often than not they ignore you and hope tht you will just give up.

Keep gammy eye dave on stand by.
Try giving PAXbloke a pm if he is still around. Seem to recall him trying to help a few fellas out.

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