PAX payout for epilepsy

so im out the army in october P8 med discharge for uncontroled epilepsy after been blown up on tour.
the epilepsy didnt start for around 6 months after the incident and i had ended my pax by the time i knew i had something wrong .
well basicly the head guy for the brain truma clinic has told me i need to claim from pax and pax agree because i was paying insurance when it happened and proof is on my pay statement of 15 units
i have major sizures on a weekly basis and partial sizures everyday. its not controled at all which is going to make getting and keeping a job extreemely hard.
the army has recognised this and im awarded a teir 3 pension.
what sould i know about pax and what sould i claim for and expect from them ?
ive never had to claim for anything before so im very new to all this.
any help would be brill. i just keep hearing horror storys about pax so i thought id ask
thanks guys


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Can't help you that much, but when I broke my arm I had a payout within 2 weeks. First thing you need to do is get a claim form.


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Ask PAX? and maybe only post in one forum rather than start 2 threads?


Most of the horror stories about PAX and similar insurers come from people who expect a payout for something which isn't covered by the policy and then get upset when the money doesn't come.

If your claim is valid, PAX will pay.

Just follow the claims procedure shown on the policy and get it moving.

@PAXBloke is on here and really helpful. I don't work for PAX but know a lot about this stuff and will be happy to help if you want.


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It's not. I don't think Daxx has been laid for sometime.


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Calm down.
My husbands case mirrors yours exactly, he is being treated with anti-convulsants and anti epileptic agents, we have not been given any indication of medical discharge, however the civilian doctors he is under believes it's certain due to witnessing it herself, can you throw any light on what steps we should be making as all our question seem to get vague answers.

It would be great if we could speak about this privately as you can imagine our families future is very uncertain

Thank you very much

Al R


Your questions need answers from legal, benefits, housing, local council, medical, financial planning experts - if you haven't started at all, contact someone like the Royal British Legion in the first instance.

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