Pax Insurance

Ive always been under the impression that Pax insurance comes directly out of pay each month.

What i cant understand is why it is being taken out from my pay, but also a completly different amount which doesnt even correspond to any of there policies is being taken by direct debit from my bank account?

Anyone had this problem before, or could explain to me what im missing?

PAX Personal Accident and Optional Life and Critical illness insurance can only come from your pay. Although you can pay by cheque if you pay stops, such as those on loan service, long term maternity leave etc.

XPAX and RPAX cannot be paid through your pay and can be paid by DD - it should be attributed to UNAT Direct on the bank statement.

If you are paying for PAX kit, travel etc. by DD then it should be listed as Premium Credit.

If you don't mind me asking, who is the DD payment attributed to?

Feel free to pm.


1 Feb 2011 D/D GENERAL INS PAX is how it appears on my bank statement, for the last 3 years ive only had 1 unit with the optional life insurance. The weird thing is i cant ever remember giving them my bank details.
edit: PAX kit and contents insurance is now listed as GENERAL INS (PAX) on bank statements so this deduction is NOT for your personal accident insurance.

If PAX isn't appearing on your pay statement then you either have personal accident plan with another provider (ABACUS, FF, TGW etc.) or JPA has dropped the ball. Your unit admin office should be able to sort out any admin issue, but feel free to get back in touch if they cannot sort this out for you.



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