PAX insurance.

Just a question about PAX. There's a buzz that you have to have the policy for 6 months before you can make a claim. Is this true? If not is there a minimum length of time you must hold the policy before you can claim.
I cancelled it after my last trip away as i had just bought a house and was broke, only just remembered and deploy in march so if its 6 months i wont be covered for most of the trip.
Yeah ive read through the bumf and coudnt see anything and the civi clerk said she coudnt see anything, but said she had heard the rumour as well. Away from work now for more or less the next 6 weeks.
The buzz is wrong.

You can claim for any accident between your RAO countersigning your enrolment form and the end of the month in which you cancel you cover.

There is no minimum length of cover before making a claim or any restrictions on when you take it out/number of units you increase or decrease by.


Absolutely - I've not met a claimant who'd received a significant sum yet who wouldn't have rather stayed intact and just paid the premiums each month.

Have a safe one.
danny pass the 'new' buzz around...

Otherwise people will be taken in by the spankers talking utter b0llocks, and decide taking out cover 'isn't worth it' for a tour or similar and end up worse for it.

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