Pax Insurance hikes

I'm sure this has been done before, but having just received notification from Pax I just have to have a bit of a rant!

The letter states that this is the first ioncrease in 5 years and is 'Due to a rise in the amount of claims'. Really? What do they expect?

I understand economics and the fact that they are offsetting an increase in the number of payouts, but surely they could have spread the cost throughout their portfolio, I mean it's not as if AIG is a small family run insurance business is it?

The increase for me is 25%, and means that my 15 units which used to cost £45 will now cost £58.50. Is it just me or does that seem extortionate? It just seems that they are taking the easy route and penalising the guys in the Forces for doing the job that we do. Of course I suppose that we are a captive audience and that AIG will claim that they have to remain 'competitive' to the civilian market, but it still smarts.

Rant over, how do the rest of you feel?

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