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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by stevie1967, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. right i broke my tibua & fibua and im going to claim off my pax personal accident insurance

    its 2 breaks so surely i get 2 claims as its per break?

    im on 5 units of cover at £1k for a leg break with 2 breakages that means im due £10k

    will i get this as ive heard loads of stories about people not getting what they're owed off these policies

    just a bit of advice needed

  2. Hi Stevie,

    It's per limb rather than per break to keep it simple and equitable. Otherwise someone who breaks a leg in fifteen places would be considerably better off than someone like you. So if you've broken your tib in one leg and the fib in the other as a result of an accident, then it's two claims. If it's the same limb then it's one claim.

    For a leg it is £150 per unit per limb not £1000. Therefore, if the breaks were to be from the same limb and the claimant had 5 units of cover then they should look to receiving a total of £750 under the fracture benefit. If they were in primary care for more than 5 nights they could also claim hospitalisation and if they were left with a permanent disability then that would be picked up downstream when a Consultants prognosis was available.

    The Claims Team endeavour to ensure that everyone gets what they are owed and, uniquely in the market, the MoD are briefed on rejected claims.

    Next step is to call the Customer Services Centre on 0800 212480 and ask for a claim form. They will ask for your personal details to confirm cover and a brief outline of what happened. Vital thing is to establish if it was as a result of an accident and that any fracture is full width.

    Best wishes and I hope that you're not in too much discomfort.


  3. ok thanks for the helpful advice

    im sure i read somewhere it was £1k tho lol

    oh well better than a kick in the teeth :D