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i am currently going through Physio rehabilitation for injuries i received from an IED blast in afghanistan. The most pressing injury is my foot, i have a Calcaneous fracture (Heel bone) which i have been told by professionals is a very serious and nasty fracture to heal, Orthapedic Doctors and Physiotherapists are still not sure if i can actually go back to being a TA Infantry soldier as the bone in question is a huge weight bearing bone and it was shattered,if that means i will have trouble carrying heavy weight i wont be able to go back to the building trade aswell.

I phoned PAX and they said to wait untill the end of my treatment to put the claim in, if there are any PAX insurance gurus or people who have had similar injuries to give me some advice it would be much appriciated. I feel very lost at the moment as i dont know how long i will need treatment, im still on crutches.

I dont know if that will come under some sort of disability if i cant actually go back to what i could do before, Or if being a TA soldier on mobilisation affects that claim.

Thank you
Do a search on here for a member called 'Paxbloke' and drop him a line.

Read your policy carefully: are you able to request an interim payment based on what has already happened to you?

Even if it doesn't state that you are specifically intitled to an interim payment, there is nothing stopping you from requesting one. If you cannot get a response from Paxbloke, then write to Pax (a Chartis product) and request one, stating why and with supporting documentation (doctors notes, etc).

Good luck and have a speedy (and full) recovery.
Not a guru but I know you can put in an initial claim then as your treatment moves along just keep adding your injuries. I had to take PAX to court as they wouldn't pay me for an amputation so don't take their s**t. My solicitor found out that the PAX expert who assessed my amputation was a gynaecologist. That's the cake and arse party you will be dealing with. Take no for an answer with these cnuts.
Hello the_creature

I stood on a PPIED in Aug 10 and shattered my heel bone. Send me some more details about your injury and I'll do the best I can to answer any questions.

My personal experience has been mixed and you are right it is a very nasty injury to have - I've done physio non stop for over a year and I'm still in pain when I walk and cannot run although everyone has a different experience with this injury. On average it takes 2 years for the bone etc to rebuild and recover but there are long term complications.

I'd rather PM you the info about PAX and the AFCS as I am involved in ongoing claims with both.




A claim for permanent total disablement (not involving amputation) is usually assessed 12 months after the accident and requires the injury to be "beyond reasonable hope of recovery" at that time. If it is not, the decision may be deferred until such time as medical evidence allows that decision to be made.

The advice to wait until your treatment is complete makes sense - they could not give you an answer now, because they don't know how well you will respond to treatment.

Unusually for Arrse, I am a guru in this stuff, so please feel free to PM me if you want and I will be happy to explain anything you are confused about.


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I'll just mention a few things here as it may be of general use.

The Duke is quite right that, except in cases of clear cases such as traumatic amputations, payment for a permanent disability will await the opinion of your consultant and this may take a year or more.

However, you may well be due payment under other benefits, such as hospitalisation, fractures and flesh wounds. So I strongly advise submitting your claim early. I am sorry that someone advised you over the phone to wait until the end of your treatment as that is not the right thing to do in this case.

Kind regards,


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