pax claim for uncontroled epilepsy ? help ?

so im out the army in october P8 med discharge for uncontroled epilepsy after been blown up on tour.
the epilepsy didnt start for around 6 months after the incident and i had ended my pax by the time i knew i had something wrong .
well basicly the head guy for the brain truma clinic has told me i need to claim from pax and pax agree because i was paying insurance when it happened and proof is on my pay statement of 15 units
i have major sizures on a weekly basis and partial sizures everyday. its not controled at all which is going to make getting and keeping a job extreemely hard.
the army has recognised this and im awarded a teir 3 pension.
what sould i know about pax and what sould i claim for and expect from them ?
ive never had to claim for anything before so im very new to all this.
any help would be brill. i just keep hearing horror storys about pax so i thought id ask
thanks guys

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