Pax are now asking for personnel file (is that normal)?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MRS JTAC, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. As above

    Some people are aware that my husband and I have had an ongoing battle with PAX (Chartis Insurance UK), which has been ongoing for the past few years. Please see post 'Pax Breech of Contract...' for more information.

    Initially they were asking for a complete copy of his Medical File (F Med 4) which we've just had to ask the Med centre to re-call from Glasgow following him sitting the medical board a few weeks ago.

    Now PAX are insisting on having a full copy of his Personnel File ('P' file). Do you think this is normal?

    It doesn't seem right to me, for what is effectively, a civillian insurance company to insist on obtaining a copy of extremely personal and sensitive information.

    As PAX have previously 'mis-placed' my husband's file, the thought of handing over all of my husband's employment and deployment history is a tad daunting to say the least.

    In a nutshell, PAX are asking for all Med docs, Computer records, 'P' file, personal diary (he needs this to keep tabs on where he's supposed to be and when he's supposed to be there by way of a strategy recommended by his treating Neuropsychologist following his head injury).

    Is this normal practice for an insurance company or are PAX trying it on?
  2. I'm sorry I have no idea. I don't think this is the best forum to post this sort of question, especially near to NAAFI closing!
  3. Ditto and you will not get a serious answer in here....well, not without posting certain'd best get a mod to shift this to RHQ or somewhere better!
  4. Dear client,

    This case seems to be going rather badly for us. Please send all related personal documents to the following address;

    Bodget Pete
    The Shredding Room

    I could never suggest that you should send them anything at all, but if you do take it upon yourself to send them any documents, DON'T SEND ORIGINALS.
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  5. Probably the wrong place to post as said, my experience with toe rag insurers is similar, two thing i can suggest.

    Get a lawyers advice.

    Make an enquiry to the insurance Ombudsman tomorrow to ask if this request for such information is in order.

    Good luck.
  6. Pax have f*cked up to such an extent that they are paying our legal costs! The FOS 'upheld' our complaint that PAX (Chartis Insurance UK) were in breech of contract!

    Post Pax Breech of contract has more info.
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  7. If they are paying the legal costs, then I suggest get a lawyer involved - if as you say they were in breech of contract, then it
    appears to be a simple albeit 'legal' process - Good Luck!
  8. Personally, I would touch PAX with Jarrods shit. However, I think that you should take this up with your lawyer and see what he/she says.
  9. Get your lawyer to travel everywhere by helicopter. That'll cost PAX a fucking fortune!!! Ooh ooh and make sure you hire Alan Shore and Denny Crane, they'll bloody win for you!
  10. If you have legal people involved they probably want all the information. Leave it with the lawyers to sort out, that's what (in this case by PAX) they get paid to do.
  11. Dont give them ANYTHING unless OK'd by your lawyers.
  12. If the lawyers are already handling your case you would be very unwise to discuss it publically on an internet forum. Nor should you solicit this kind of advice from random strangers.
    ARRSE is frequented by a variety of aggrieved nutters, ill informed bores, liars, fantasists and walking resentments. There are also some genuinely helpful people and erudite posters with relevant knowledge, but wade through the chaff in search of a few nuggets of genuine wisdom at your peril......
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