Pauline Hanson emigrates to the UK.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by WhiteRabbit, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. An interesting addition to our nation's rich tapestry. Think she might have trouble standing on an anti-immigrant platform though.

    Goodbye Aus, hello UK...
  2. I would have started a thread myself, but I didn't have the heart for it. I'd have thought that Germaine Greer and Robert Hughes were punishment enough... 8O
  3. 'Politician is hypocrite'.

    Where's the new in news?
  4. Why is life so cruel and arbitrary?

    Wait till you have that petulant, nasal voice whining emotive, half-baked bigotry at you!
  5. I'm just wondering what exactly she thinks she'll find over here. OK, the odds are that she doesn't plan on settling in Southall, but surely she must have some sort of inkling that Britain is a pretty ethnically diverse place. As someone who complained that Australia was being swamped by Asians, maybe she should have chosen another English speaking country. Eire, perhaps?
  6. Greer I can deal with, it's that awful Kathy Lette person who insists on inflicting our great capital with her presence that I find unforgivable. Take her back at once!
  7. Who's going to tell her?
  8. I think we should leave that one for her to find out herself. Preferably when she has a mouthful of food. :twisted:
  9. She'll be a shoo-in for a BNP safe council seat.

    Oh, hold on ...
  10. ya forgot pilger...
  11. Is she planning on opening a fast-food outlet, like so many of our immigrants? At least she has considerable experience.

    I wonder who she sold her chipshop empire to? Hopefully no Japanese business interests...
  12. Australia is being swamped by Asians. If she was British and said the same about Britain, most of you would love her.

    And i dont see a problem in an Aussie returning to the motherland. Not hyporcisy in my view.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Has anyone told her we don't like gwars yet? She's in for an awful shock . . . .
  14. [​IMG]

    Oh c'mon, a little light gwar shagging never hurt anyone...

    Look at me for example...hmmm, I take your point... :twisted:

  15. Let me spell this out for you.

    1) She was an MP for an anti-immigration party and now she intends to become an immigrant herself.

    2) We have a large and long established 'Asian' community in the UK, so why come here if you don't want to be near them?