Paula Radcliffe - Yes or No?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bierwolfe, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. Bierwolfe

    Bierwolfe Swinger

    Easy question: Paula Radcliffe; despite the fact that she needs a good meal, would you give her the good news?
  2. No way - need fun bags to play with
  3. Nah mate.

    Her head wobbles that much that if you banged it in to the headboard it would fall off. Not to mention she'd probably want to stop halfway through for a dump.
  4. Shadow4

    Shadow4 Swinger

    Like a belt fed Wombat
  5. Morty

    Morty War Hero

    No. Yes. No. Definately no. Ok then give us a blowy.

    ATRSNAKE Swinger

    Do you think she would still have to wear that breatheasy strip across her nose when she's giving head? :?
  7. Chuzu

    Chuzu LE

    yeh why not
  8. Andyroo

    Andyroo Old-Salt

    Yuck no! Skinny little runt.
  9. Bierwolfe

    Bierwolfe Swinger

    Ah, but imagine how many positions you could bend her into :twisted:
  10. Bierwolfe

    Bierwolfe Swinger

    [​IMG] It's the socks that do it.....
  11. Yes - If I could catch her!

    She might have me for pace and endurance but I am a dangerous man over one a half yards.

    Bringing her down would be like wrestling a year old gazelle on whizz but this Badger could do it.
  12. Yes without hesitation......... straight after a Marathon so she's weak and sweaty.
  13. Bierwolfe

    Bierwolfe Swinger

    That's the kind of reply that would warrant her keeping the socks on :D
  14. And those tight pants.
  15. Oh.....Yes :lol: With the speed of a rabid rabbit in heat :p :p