Paula Radcliffe jacked

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lostnfound, Aug 23, 2004.

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  1. Yes, she jacked

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  2. No, she was defeated by the heat

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  3. Maybe, she threw her teddy in the corner when she realised she wasn't going to win

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  1. All this talk about Paula Radcliffe still being the greatest marathon runner in a world has kind of got me thinking. After all, not only did she fail to complete an Olympic marathon but she failed to complete THE marathon; the very run that the event is named after.

    So did she jack or what?
  2. I feel really sorry for her. She runs marathon distances all the time in her training so it must have been a climate issue. I've never run in that sort of heat but it seems to be the thing that defeated her and no one will be more disappointed than her. It's going to be interesting to see what she says today and whether she still plans to attempt the 10,000m.
  3. Let the person who has trained as hard, done as much, won as many, and competed as often be the first to criticise.
  4. Agreed Woopert.

    I think the Japanese Girl just found something very deep within,to push the pace out like that, unfortunate;y, Paula wasn't ready for that.

    Now go win the 10,000 metres Paula, and they'll name Schools after you. :D
  5. good luck to the girl, i really hope she does well
  6. Britain ain't exactly renown for hot, sweltering conditions in which to train. Japan gives this readily.

    If she had competed in London or Helsinki ( or the power of TV did not insist on a run in >30 degree heat ) then the result would likely differ.
  7. No one can deny she's a superb athlete but she dropped out after doing most of the hard work 22/23 miles.... she trains full time, made thousands from the sport and couldnt even complete the race, its like doing half a job???

    She was beaten by the other British bird who finished down the pack 25th/26th or something, who had to put in a 2 weeks holiday from work in order to compete.

    Paula & her coach must have been aware of the conditions she would be racing in, just like those who finished were. Maybe it was the media hype and expectations that got to her?

  8. It was most probably the heat. However the moment that the Ethiopian went past her she knew she was out of the medals. Even if she couldn't run anymore walking to the finish would have been more sporting than stopping outright.

    I'm sure it was her who said that the marathon is a mental battle and once she lost the medal she just didn't have an incentive to keep going.

    Still, it's sad for her, and she was obviously upset. Hope she does do well in the 10k.
  9. Daley Thompson competed in his last Olympics although injured and a medal no where in sight, he still entered and finished his remaining events.

    Its not the winning that counts, but the taking part. She may not have won but she still should of finished. The greatest of the great are not always remembered for coming first or being the best.

    Shes a great runner so best of luck to her in the 10000m. :wink:
  10. Probably on blob :wink:
  11. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Paula gets paid a shed load of cash to compete. It is not as though running in the heat came as a surprise. She jacked and there is no other way to look at it. As soon as she realised there was no piece of shiny tin for her she packed in. Lost a great deal of my respect for her as an athlete.

    The media have a lot to take the blame for here. Praising her so loudly and fully must have put a great deal of pressure on her.

    I thought that she wasn't running in the 10000 m as she wanted to concentrate on the marathon. I amy be wrong and if so please let me know. If she is that I hope she puts this behind her and pulls out a stunning run - and finishes this time even if out of the medals.
  12. If she wasn't injured, she should have completed the race. End of story. Tomorrow is another day - hope she pulls back in future races.
  13. She runs 140 miles a week training!!!

    most of the army shits there pants at doing a mile and a half!!

    she deserves a bit of support, the girl done good
  14. It was painful to watch.

    According to the BBC analysis that race was not for the winning by anyone from Northern Europe and her coach said (on the radio this morning) that the only way to train properly would be to run the course in those conditions, at which point you wouldn't be able to do it again... Ho hum.

    Unless it was Olympic-phobia, like most of the sodding swimmers.

    Hope she goes on to win the 10K.
  15. As a pro athlete she will be fully in tune with her own body and how it performs. This is only pure speculation, but if she pulled out I suspect that it will be because she took the judgement that to continue would jeapordise her ability to win the 10K or even her career longer term. She will no doubt have faced an agonising decision not to finish but I would give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she did it for the good of longer terms objectives to benefit team GB.

    no athlete trains for 4 years just to jib it because they aren't going to win a medal, if she pulled out early it will have been for good reason. It's easy for those of us who are not competing at that high level and where fitness is only a hair away from career destroying injury to criticise those who take the conscious decision to walk away and be fit to compete another day rather than continue on and risk throwing away a life-time's dedication just to avoid criticisms of people who will never be at that pinacle of athletics.