Paula jacks....again

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by armourer, Aug 27, 2004.

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  1. What a surprise Paula jacks it again, she wasn't winning so she has a hissy fit and stops running...what a waster
  2. Eight laps to go: Radcliffe has gone. She steps over the curb into the infield, and her Olympics are over.

    Atleast finish the race for feck sake, have some pride. 8O

  3. Excuse the quads and her body
  4. MMmmmmm......
  5. You gonna go out there and show her how it's done then? :wink:
  6. Have any of you knockers run a marathon! Have you run one in over 30 degrees on a hard uphill course? Had five days off then attempted to run a competetive 10,000m.

    Those that can do, those that can't knock.
  7. OK, at the next Olympics I'll run the womens marathon and 10,000 metres, hang on I've got balls and I ain't cutting them off :)
  8. Yes I have once run a marathon, never again far to hard. But then unlike Paula I don't claim to be of Olympic standard. The other runners didn't jack. Same conditions as all the others, she jacked pure and simple.

    Well done to the other Brit runner, Kathy, she finished the race.
  9. For all intents and purposes, we might as well of sent the old bag lady who snuffles the bins around the back of the co-op. She might of taken 8 hours to clatter 10000 metres in her leg braces, and in a cloud of wee-smelling air, but at least she would of finished. :roll:
  10. Will collect my meagre winnings tomorrow. She was odds on to jack, but at least she's paid for my bank holiday beers.

    Thanks Paula
  11. I would have done, but like they say 'you can lead a horse to water, etc' :wink:

    I lost £10 on her. :x

  12. Since when did having balls preclude ye from being in a wummins team in the Olymipics FFS, a good 'tache and some siddies helps too !!! :lol:

    Ubique ya bass !!!
  13. The Female Russian Shotput
  14. Fick it, where's the ficking pride of wearing your countries colours? That's all that should matter. Did she really think she could win? If there was that doubt then why not keep hammering at it and finish, sod it if you don't get a bloody medal. Where's your pride woman? Up yer arrse that's where :evil:
  15. The other competitors should feel insulted by her...

    ....she was tipped to win, got half way round, realised she wasnt going to get in the top three so sacked it, instead of digging in and finishing it regardless of positioning...

    ....very un-sporting.