Paul Routledge in the mirror today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Recce19, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. What sort of tosser is he? :evil: It's the second story, below football :roll:
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Anyone explain the "..£850 lunch with French counterpart.." bit?? Other than a stupid attempt to stereotype a senior person as someone that plays fast and loose with someone else's money?

    Not of course that the Mirror is entirely without fault here - Robert Maxwell, and that git Piers Moron immediately spring to mind?
  3. What, the French "cheese eating surrender monkeys"? You've gotta be in a fight before you can surrender!

    Bloke's a throbber and should be beaten with shoes!
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    the guy is a classic left wing nutter, anyone criticises the great broon (said with sarcasm) is the enemy.
  5. The kind that would write such utter b****cks for publication!

    I wonder if he has ever sat in a sangar in a hostile place wondering if some chogi with a grudge is going to send an RPG his way! I wonder if he has ever gone out on patrol in a vehicle covered in 'plastic armour' hoping that it wouldnt get ripped apart by a suprisingly simple yet bloody effective IED. I wonder if he has ever had to say goodbye to his family and friends knowing that there is a chance that he wont come back, whilst leaving that family in a dilapidated hovel, with not even the peace of mind that if he does get killed, he would get a speedy inquest into his death!

    I'm sorry he feels so strongly about those 'long suffering troops' and Gen Dannatt whinging! I hope he sleeps safe at night in a country that those very troops have died to protect! Now im not saying that the Cold War was a piece of cake but our Forces have been on tour continuously now since the early 90's.

    And a little word of advice to Mr Routledge, Gen Dannatt doesnt find time to fight those wars, the Government seems to be able to find the time and tells him to get on with it, he is just doing what every good serviceman/woman does and says 'Yes, Sir' and gets on with it! You are a sorry excuse for a human being and i look forward to you visiting troops out in helmand and maybe getting a feel of what they do............but we all know that you wont do that now dont we! Prick!!!!!

  6. He's just another perfect example of the 'Loony Left' of Neue Arbeit,proving - yet again - those oft proven, correct, words of Winston Churchill that...Labour.. ARE UNFIT TO GOVERN...

    nuff said ?
  7. My bold, I was a cold war 'warrior' and can say it was a piece of p*ss and would go on bended knee to all those who are serving now. It grips me how much shite he writes and believes it as well. As to his 1 in 10 on active service...well..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Are you lad's sure that he isn't just winding you up? F*cking classic if he is.
  9. Routledge claims to have been a 'defence' journo for 40 years.It's a pity that he's learned nothing in that time.
  10. Technically he's more Old Labour, and has certainly never been a friend to Blair and Brown, he was instrumental in getting Mandleson sacked (can't remember which time... think it might have been the first) for one. Don't really see what you're getting worked up about; 'Left-wing journalist doesn't support increase in defence spending'. What did you expect?
  11. I am trying to work out where he got these numbers from.
    All statistics are sourced from wikipedia , so I accept no responsibility for their accuracy.

    Total army strength = 107,730 Regular

    Total deployed on active Service = 7,000 Herrick + 5,000 Telic = 12,000 Total

    Dividing one by the other gives you 11.1% (round it down to 10%)

    Of course this does not take into account those on pre-deployment, or other training, other overseas committments or are not available for deployment.

    Still, you can prove anything with statistics.

  12. I must admit, those 6 years I did in Hanover waiting for the third shock army was really hard work compared to Telic/Herrick, I mean, I saw a Soxmis car once!

    The lads/lasses these days are just sooooo lucky, I'm not sure how they would cope with having to drink 5 large steins of lager in an hour down at disco ducks.
  13. I presume the Boss has been 'brisk' with this journo at some point?

    Assuming it's not an ironic piece that is.
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Routledge is a class warrior of the old left with a massive chip on his shoulder about people who have done better in life than he has. Thus anyone who gets to the top in the armed forces is automatically assumed to be a snob and bully whose success is based on their brutal contempt for the working classes; and anyone who gets to the top of the Labour Party is assumed to be a class traitor and sell-out. He exemplifies the politics of envy and resentment.

    I doubt he would think so, but the stuff he writes fuels the attitudes of people like the scumbags who complained about the Headley Court patients in Leatherhead swimming pool. It's all about 'rights', demands, fcuk the system and give me what you owe me. The man's a maggot.