Paul Raymond passes on

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. RIP you filthy old cnut. I envy the lucky so and so who was left his collection of whank mags.

    Edited due to ******* gay as **** ******* bastard swearing filter
  2. God bless you and your Review Bar. Shocked? I nearly had a sex wee
  3. Thank you Mr Raymond for some top class porn mags which furnished me with a fair few w@nks over the years. :D

    RIP you dirty ol b@stard :wink: :wink:
  4. Any obituary that includes the words "multimillionaire" and "pornographer" is a target to be attained IMHO.
  5. I wonder if he died with his boots on or off ;)
  6. We honour his passing with a twenty one bum salute.

    Not unlike a Razzle pile-up, if you will.

    A man who spent his whole life getting porn to the masses. We shall not see his like again, now you can get amputee-big boobs (asian) with 3 clicks.
  7. He certainly couldn't forget it, cost him his marriage when he banged her!
  8. A good bloke and an 'old soldier' - not that most posters on this rapidly deteriorating site would know what either was.

    If I had one hundred thousandth of PR's acumen and business sense, I should not be reduced to bandying words on this site.

    Many thanks PR - generations of soldiers appreciated your generosity and your understanding of what the 'soldiery' wanted and dreamed about.

    Thanks also for the metaphorical two fingers you showed to the 'stuffed shirts' (many of whom were more interested in boys than your lovely ladies) who opposed your plans so many years ago.