Paul Johnson executed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jun 18, 2004.

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    Blah Blah fcuking Blah Rhetoric Hyperbole and Soundbites.

    Get the 52's fired up on the ready ramp. If you're so keen to fight terrorism Mr. President, maybe you should be looking at the seat of funding and incitement.

    Or are you too close to them?

    Condolences to the friends , colleagues and family of Paul Johnson, another victim in a fatally unfocused war against terror :evil:
  2. somewhere else on arrse tonight is a link(i can't be arrsed to look for it) about this atrocity, you should see the sh*t they are spouting (LNV involved) about wiping out ALL muslims!! vey scarey stuff

    ok i got off my arrse and found it
  3. I saw LNV's post Ex

    She's back on the "Kill all Muslims" crusade

    Didn't take long did it?

    As for my comment on 52's , I'm sure there is a Saudi Princeling or two tied to these people, who needs a spot of urban renewal on his Summer Palace.

    Amazing, a war on terror , stalled because you won't get hard with the source.

    Sorry, i'll explain, we regard it as a war against terrorists of every hue and religion. The Americans are turning it into a war against Islam.

    The Neo-cons must be overjoyed at Presiden Bush's outburst.

    Just as the whole evil nest were looking wobbly, this happens, and they can slap the blindfold straight back on Dubya.

  4. The link ExDvr refers to is to, where the usual ultra-right wing rhetoric is in full flow. LNV in particular is advocating genocide as a final solution to what she sees as the problem, which is that some people in the world are a)not American and b) don't want to be American.

    LNV seems to be getting more and more unhinged, and is egged on by some of the other trailer-dwellers. However, some members are capable of intelligent debate and a bit of banter - both of them post here.

    The murder of Paul Johnson is a disgusting crime. Unfortunately the moves against the house of Saud are perhaps inevitable, given the way they've bled the country's resources, and their close links with Bush.
  5. What's wrong with this picture?

    Say you're a Saudi who's fed up with the ruling aristocracy. You see it as a decadent creature of the degenerate, parasitical, rapacious West.

    Do you, therefore, kidnap an unarmed, middle-aged, harmless-looking American civilian, make a video of him held captive by machine gun-toting thugs, seeming every inch the wretched underdog, and then proceed to commit an act that might fit very well into a horror movie?

    Other than infuriating the American public, what effect is that likely to have?

    I've got a prediction: the Saudi government is going to go wobbly in the near future. US Army to the rescue.
  6. And you'll no doubt see my posts on that link. There are several "neo-cons" taking the higher ground. Give credit where credit is due. :roll:

    Do me a favor? Try to see us as individuals. I learned to do so with Brits long ago. And that's why I'm here. I care about what you guys have to say. I respect your opinions even though I don't necessarily agree with them.

    All the Bush supporting on is no different then all Bush bashing here. You may hate GW with all of your being, but you are NOT an American. Prior to 9/11 Bush was a mediocre President at best. I shutter to think how his alternative (Al Gore) would have handled the War on Terror.

    If a Brit had been slaugthered on camera and the act aired on television and the internet, you would be outraged, I'm sure. We (SPAMs) are outraged. He was my countryman! I did not know him personally, but I'm angered at his death. Due me a favor and respect this man. Don't turn his death in a reason to spin more Bush-bashing. You can find reason enough elsewhere.
  7. Oh and another thing, don't think just mourn American lives. I consider Brits much akin to my own countrymen. If only you felt the same.
  8. BloodThirstyWench

    Every post above yours, expresses sympathy for the cowardly murder of Paul Johnson. No one on this site, to the best of my knowledge, dislikes the American people, or wishes harm on any of their citizens.
  9. BTW, sweeping generalisations against all on arrse - unjustified
  10. I admit it's difficult to read what you Brits are saying at times. If I have misunderstood, I apologize. Is that a sweeping generalization? :D

    And I do believe I said that I learned to judge everyone as individuals.
  11. PTP, you forget that Im a communist??
  12. Just found the images (assuming they're not faked that is

    Why is Paul, like Nick Berg, wearing an orange Prison suit?
  13. Both were in retaliation of Abu Graibh?
  14. i did say and i stand by it is an atrocity!!! when any individual is murdered because of they are not of the same ilk!
    but comments like that by not_whistling_dixie do you Americans no favours either and some of the stuff on! about genocide of a complete faith is not ok either!(generalisation)
    shooting off at the mouth about the constitution etc is fine in USA your country after all.
    dixie? when was the last time the USA army did come to the rescue anyway? without help that is?
  15. The terrs dress their victims in orange jump-suits to symbolise the clothing of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

    All sympathy to the families of the men who have been murdered so far by these religious freaks.

    Remember: there are no Arabs in Star Trek, and that's the future. More unnecessary and unjustifiable slaughter of soft targets like these Spam contractors and it just might come true. It's election year in the land of the Bigmac, after all, and nothing rallies the voters faster than a touch of overkill retaliation.