Paul Jennings ex Telemech RIP


I have just been informed and its with a heavy heart that I bear the news that Paul Jennings ex Royal Signals Telemech has passed away Paul died in a car crash in Germany.Paul was working at the time as a civvy on a military contract.

RIP Paul

Paul Jennings RIP
Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:54 pm
From: ukrazyk


Just read you post re Paul Jennings - Tell me its not ginger Paul - WBA supporter, lived around the Derby area after demob - some postings - Masirah, HK, 21 sigs, NI etc?

Sorry for this nudge - ex TM myself served fron 71 to 83 - PJ I knew was one of my best mates - we lost touch about 10 years ago.

Regards Cliff Kerry
Thank you for your messages of condolence. I am Pauls wife Beverley. It's been almost 6 years but I still miss Paul every day. Yes, you all have the right Paul I'm sorry to say. He was very happy, healthy and as bonkers as ever until the day he died. Both his parents died within a year unable to bear the loss. If anyone wants further information do get in touch. Cliff, Paul spoke of you so often.
Only just joined this forum and so I missed the original post. I remember Paul (and Cliff Kerry) very well from my time on Masirah with 603 Tp. It was Paul's ever present sense of humour that made life on the Island bearable. My deepest condolences Beverley and may Paul be having a good time in the big NAAFI in the sky.
Thank you Tim for your kind words, it's lovely to hear from someone who new Paul, his sense of humour never left him, infact, just minutes before the accident, I've been told he was making jokes about the Italian football team being awarded a penalty for falling over (the World Cup was on at the time in Germany and he'd watched the game at a fan fest in Monchengladbach).

There's so much I miss about Paul, but mostly I miss his sense of humour, whenever I think of him I always end up smiling.

I think there are some photos of Pauls time in Masirah, if I find them and you'd like them let me know and I'll post them, you may even be in some of them!
Jez just caught up with this, is this the Jenks that was up at Troodos in the early 80's, if so he was a TOP bloke, barrel of fun and a privilage to have known RIP belatedly

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