Paul Feather Sings Far Away for HELP FOR HEROES - Charity Single For Download

I'd like to ask for your support in this endeavour.


I will attempt to explain some of the background to this production.

We would ike to riase funds for the Help For Heroes Organisation and hope that the monies raised go in some way to assist those in our HM Forces who have been hurt in some way over the years.
We value the commitment, dedication and bravery of all the members of the Armed Forces wherever they may be at this time and our hearts go out to those whose families have lost their loved ones.

You may remember Paul a little while back when he recorded the single ‘Everybody Hurts’ originally written and performed by R.E.M. in memory of his colleagues PC Ian Broadhurst and PC Sharon Beshenivsky both of whom were shot in the line of duty whilst serving with West Yorkshire Police.
Paul is passionate about our Armed Forces and the difficult conditions they are required to endure on a daily basis and he felt it appropriate to write and sing a song in memory of those brave men and women protecting our Country.

The song was written by both Paul and a friend of his called Neal Rylatt and is entitled ‘Far Away’

Having heard the track, I was quite moved by the poignant words and message it conveys and would ask that wherever possible you support this worthwhile endeavor.

The single is now available for download from ITunes HERE and is priced at 79p

The video is available to view and listen to on You Tube and of course there is software available to allow you to rip it from here, but I would ask that you do purchase the song legitmately so that we can riase the money needed for such a worthwhile cause. :thumright:





That is one of the most moving, and amazing songs that I have ever heard! Thank god this one is well produced, not cringe-worthy at all. I'll certainly buy it.

Just before I shoot myself in the ******* face.

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