Paul dodgy-syrup Daniels talks sense

Now, I always thought Paul Daniels was a bit of a tube, but in this interview with BadPsychics, he gets all medieval on psychics. Personally I'd burn the farking lot of 'em.

A good read for the more cynical of you out there...

some of his responses:
Q. Mediums claim to talk to the dead, what are your thoughts on this claim, and do you believe that any kind of spirit communication is possible?

A. The dead are dead. No, not at all.

Q. Have you ever watch Most Haunted, and if so what are your thoughts on the show and its medium Derek Acorah?

A. Laughable
"Mrs Merton" talking to Debbie (Mrs Daniels ) McGee,
"So what made you marry the millionaire Paul Daniels?"
(or words to that effect)


Book Reviewer
He's gone right up in my estimation.

It's a pity they didn't work the Derren Brown thing with him a bit more.

Derren Brown IMHO is an absolute genius, and he goes one step further by explaining the 'magic'.

Did anyone see the speed-reading thing he did? - superb!

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