Pattern 85 & 94 DPM Temperate Camo Combat Jacket & Trousers


right, spotter 5 mins coming on:

85 pattern - jacket & trousers. was designed to reduce the weight of & replace the 68 pattern lined combat suit (which had a full cotton linning & was heavy when dry, let alone wet).
the '85 kit had very pointy corners to the cargo pockets & the stitching was crap & would come appart very easy, usualy when the pocket corners caught on stuff. the '85 kit did not look ally.

88 pattern suit - jacket & trousers. non-pointy but still bulgy pockets. stronger stitching. issued to correct the mistakes of the '85 suit.

94 pattern temperate kit - jacket & trousers. much better than either the above kit. the smock shows design features that are found on self purchase windproof smocks. zip pockets behind upper cargo pockets on the smock. shoulder eppaulettes. no storm flap for the zip. large buttons on the smock. quite fast drying. came with differing colorer shades depending on the batch your kit was from.

cs 95 pattern - complete clothing system. way better than anything we have had in the past, taking many ideas from the civilian outdoor pursuits clothing market. uses the layering principle. looks ally, thou opinions differ as to how good it looks around camp & long term durability. centre of chest eppaulette for display of rank on shirt & jacket. Storm flap over jacket zip. useless zip behind buttons on the shirt (which is labeled jacket... don't start that discussion again press) which I always remove.
trousers & shirts are very fast drying.
I still wear a windproof smock in the field as opposed to the issue '95 jacket thou.
Only good thing that could be said about the 84 pattern jacket is it was easy to iron horrid rubbish .94 pattern stuff ok 95 a lot better some people dont like the smock I find it good enough.
Personally I liked the '94 kit (still wear the trousers for a lot of field work as the nettles cant penetrate the heavier cloth). I dont like the lack of arrse pocket though.

As a whole the '95 system is better when the whole system is used correctly.
I actually felt so sorry for a cadet in my unit that had the only 85 pattern in the stores that I gave him my old 94 pattern, rather than have to look at that fcuking abomination of MOD procurement and waste a moment longer.

Currently got a S95, and SASS smock for the field/When its brass monkey weather out. Like the S95 very much though.
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