Pattern 1907 Bayonet


Recently bought a 1907 Bayonet for my MK3 SMLE. The locking catch/latch for it is absent though. Does anybody know where I may get one made or find a replacement part for it ?

Quite a complex shape to make but spares won't be common.


Importing the part isn't a problem, its not a part that can make a weapon/firearm functional. Checked with customs on that one. Its just finding the part for sale lol
Showing my ignorance here, most of my rifles have moderators on the pointy bit, not blades... I assume it is component no.4 that you are seeking? or 4,5 and 6?
Don't suppose they can be bought anywhere ?
Just take the rest of it and a print of that exploded view, maybe a couple of photos, to any machine shop or gunsmith and they will make it. Any hobby engineer will make it.

If you want to pay the postage, I'll bloody well make it! :)