Pattern 1853 bayonet????

Estwing said:
Does anyone know the history behind the Patter 1853 bayonet? I've aquired one in excellent nick!
By late 1853 a total of 20,020 bayonets were ordered.
The contractors were:

R & W Aston 1,070
S. Hill & Sons 4,220
Heighton & Lawrence 1,300
Geo Salter & Co 3,080
G.W & E Roe 2,220
J Roe & Son 3,400
Willian Deakin & Son 4,100

I could probably tell you more but it is rather late in the evening.
Well, it was the first issue bayonet to have a locking ring; apart from that it was much the same as earlier patterns. It seems to have been made in two weights: early ones at 11oz, later ones at 13.5oz.
There was an official modification from 1871 that adapted them for the Martini-Henry until declared obsolete once the longer 1876 Pattern came into service (to compensate for the shorter rifle, I think).

So, have you got an 1853 or 1853/71 pattern of early or late manufacture? Hope that someone else will have the muzzle or socket dimensions for the Enfield and Martini-Henry rifles 'cause I haven't...
Replica bayonets, for the Enfield P1853, are made by the boat load, for American Civil War re-enactors.. Parts "ditto", at least in the USA.

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