Pattelar Tendonitis

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Hitman, May 1, 2007.

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  1. With only a year left till I join, will I be able to survive training with tendonitis?
    And if i started physio now, would i be deffered?
  2. Because it would go on medical record wouldn't it?
  3. Hi

    Basically you will struggle a great deal in training with patella tendonitis as activities such as running and carrying weight will make it worse.

    Fortunately it is relatively easy to treat and if sorted properly it shouldn't come back.

    If you go to you can find details of private sports physio's locally to you.

    Good luck
  4. and it shouldnt take a year to treat.....
  5. will it make me be deffered even if its healed? please help and how long if i was deffered would i have to wait to re apply?
  6. If it heals 6 mobnths prior to selection will they let me in? Whats going to happen?
  7. Still trying to find out bear with me...
  8. As Ninekphysio says, training will only make things worse with the rigours of depot but is right in that if you start getting it treated now then you should be fine!

    If your not due to start depot for a year I personally wouldn't say anything until you have a clearer picture closer to the time. I did Pirbright with a split achilles tendon sheath which knacked ALOT and got it treated after so it's up to you really.

    Main thing, whilst waiting for Physio is maintain whatever strength and stamina you have already by doing basic quads exercises, paying attention to the VMO and lots of balance type stuff ie 1 leg balancing, maybe invest in a wobble board.

    ALL EXERCISES should try to be as pain free as possible for the moment.

    Best of luck mate
  9. It took me about 2 months to recover completey from Pattelar Tendonitis. The physio told me to run my foot over a cold coke can in the morning when my foot was at its tightest and do a thing called frictions, basically rubbing the sole of your foot. Worked a treat.

    Also worth considering what caused the problem, for me i am virtually flat footed to insoles with a small heal wedge to change the arch of my foot.

    I still get the odd twinge but only after a very long day on my feet or long run
  10. are you sure that wasn't plantar fasciitis you had?
  11. Yes you are right, having thought about it.

    Plus i also recall paying a civi physio for ultra sound and electrolosis to sort it out as once off tour getting to see a physio was like getting an audience with the Pope!

    I am a mong and am just going to take my head for a shiiit. Sorry for the incorrect info.
  12. lol - great advice for anyone with plantar fasciitis though and yes probably is caused by your 'flat' feet.

    audience with the pope - more chance of finding lord luchan on shergar than gettin a physio appointment after op tour. only time I ever felt popular!
  13. BTW Hitman - amazingly when I tried to get an answer to your question I was met by a wall of slopey shoulders - I think its basically down to the doc on the day as the guidance is sketchy. Will keep trying - hope its improving anyway!