Pattaya- Is this Walt Heaven?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Sickly Rupert, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. Morning chaps.

    I live in Pattaya, Thailand and we appear to have a notable contingent of persons claiming (or having others claim for them) to be 'regiment'. As a Rupert of only a couple of years with a sicknote discharge I don't really have the expertise to challenge what might be real examples.


  2. Hi Rupert.

    You wally.
  3. and....?

    Would you like us to mobilise a multiple from the Waltenkommando to investigate?
  4. Please take this 'Most Pointless Post on ARRSE' commemorative coco mug with our compliments.
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  5. Thank you most kindly Arte.
  6. Just wanted to know if anyone else had any complaints from here.
  7. Do you live near 'Baby Dolls' on Soi 15, you filthy perverted creature?
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  8. I spent some years after my service clearing landmines in various spots round the world. There were lots of blokes who would slip into a sandbag pulled up lamp swinging, beer fuelled conversation the..."y'know when I was with the...uh....Regiment....". What always surprised me was that here they were doing amazing and valuable work, in very dangerous places, unarmed need to impress anyone whatsoever....and still the bullshit!
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  9. I see your Pattaya, Thailand, and raise you a Costa Blanca expat. The majority seem to have had only one "previous" life, either 3rd man on the balcony or driver for the Krays. One of (if not the main) reason I avoid expat bars like the plague.
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  10. There are a lot of Para Regt blokes who live out there.....mainly due to the fact that they can shag ladyboys to their hearts content. Chatting to a young lad (still in) the other week about how he blew £5k in a month......he replied.....''10 whores, 10 ladyboys, a gang bang and a shit load of ale''

    Can't fucking argue with that!
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  11. Would you be prepared to fund a recce mission by the WC into your personal heart of darkness, I should think 10 First Class tickets and accomodation for a few weeks should enable a specially selected WC elite team of investigators to uncover the horror that lies within.
  12. Er ya, I meet one or two. It's the Ffrench that get me most of all. They were always either Legion or Paras.

    Not many people walt it as RE though, since the RE contingent usually have bits of themselves missing. Of course there are exceptions to the rule like dingerr for example, who is definitely an RE walt. :)
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  13. Complaints, yes it's dirty, you get pestered to death by girls, boys, taxi drivers, the beach is a metre of sand, it's noisy, tacky and it's just one big brothel.
    The vile Russians are disgusting, the fat Germans smell, the Muslims pester the girls or boys and get pissed. I'd rather go to Skegness than Pattaya.
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  14. Bait nicely dangled in the water, just waiting for a bite!

  15. Shhh. Fishing ..... ;-P
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