Patron Saint

Admiral Fyodor Ushakov..hero of Russia's wars against Turkey and Napoleonic France has been named the Patron Saint of Nuclear Bombers...

seems the 18/19th century naval hero/good admiral, who never lost a battle, was ' canonized ' in 2004

Pope J2P2 canonized and beatified more people to the higher plane in his pontificate than all the other popes there seems to a surplus of saints about in the unemployment line ..

any suggestions as to sincures for these folks? there must be some professions in need of guidence or someone to pray to in time o' need
Does Arrse need a patron saint?
Just think of the revenue from t-shirts, pendants, FOBs, etc.
Perhaps John Cleese could in fact be nominated as the Patron saint of ARRSE.

This whole site has a "Pythonesque feel" to it from time to time. Also we could all stand to learn how do defend ourselves against an attack by fresh fruit.


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Saint Black of Adder IV.

Patron Saint of all thing military and fcuked up.
Saint Thomas Atkins.

Has endured continued misery. misfortune, and maltreatment over centuries - yet still smiles and will die to help his friends or the innocent. (takes out onion).

Frequently martyred by politicians.
Saint Fukinel, Widely recognised as a member, all be it invisible, of each unit and called on in times of need and peril......

The daily prayer to Saint Fukinel goes something like this.

Bloody Fukinel,
Which one of you c*nts did this?
Funkinel if I get you!
What the Fukinel do you think this is?
Funkinel are you stupid?
Who the Fukinel told you that?
Funkinel you are thick!

Thank Fukinel it wasn't me.

Beebs :?

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