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Morning All,

I have been tasked by higher to look into the feasibility of a patrols platoon for my Bn. As we have never had one before, I am a little scant on knowledge. I would really appreciate it if the good and wise of Arrse could either PM me or reply to this topic any information on how the platoon works, in particular structure, manning, experience of use in an Armoured BG, equipment... you know the full ish!

I have a general idea of what they can be used for but really would like to hear from others that have the experience of this.


Yes we have a recce platoon and snipers etc. I think this is more to do with finding in detail and developing the Find function more.
Yes we do. As do 1LI but they also a have a patrols platoon. I suspect that this ties in their snipers with dismounted OP matrix etc.
Never understood the reasoning behind this - it sounds like a copy cat of Septic procedures. I thought all Inf soldiers (British Army) were trained in patrolling. Even on JNCO levels CTR techniques, op's and standing patrols are standard knowledge. So if we have soldiers trained in the art why not just task them as the need arrises?
Well snipers tend to have the best fieldcraft skills so start by getting hold of them . Thing is snipers are not very mobile
and that is important in armoured warfare , if i was given free range to form a patrols platoon in an armoured infBn , i would have 4 spartans each with a crew of 3 plus 3 dis-mounts per wagon . Snipers as the dismounts plus a few AT blokes . You have the mobility
required on the battle field , Spartan can carry a whole host of personal and section kit . Well its just an idea .
Alternative to Spartan are quadbikes, with trailers if you have loads of kit. Works well, smaller signature than Spartan for getting to the start of a stalk. Using something like Pinzgauer or Unimog as "mother" vehicle.
Agree there booty , just thinking in an armoured unit the whole spares issue etc . You do need the best guys , and dont just use spartans as taxis either they can provide a good optics platform . If you are on a CTR task , stop short put your wagons in a hide with A.R.D. then crack on with your CTR you have a good mobile ERV and a wagon that can give you limited cover should it all go wrong . Heres how my unit is made up -4 spartans with 2 sniper pairs , 2 x 51 mm mortars , each wagon has a GPMG but ground mounted at the operators hatch .Snipers can leave there L37's on the wagon when not uuummmm sniping , you can act idependantly , yet you will have both HF and VHF so comms is no drama . Get to a FR regiment and ask about a vehicle training package . The inf skills well , you can work out your own SOP 's . Must be worth a look .
Para Bn's all have Patrols platoons and they do tie in with the sniper and assault pioneer platoons.

Any 3 para guys on here will answer for you -not sure how they fit in with am armoured Bn though.
dutybooty said:
Alternative to Spartan are quadbikes, with trailers if you have loads of kit. Works well, smaller signature than Spartan for getting to the start of a stalk. Using something like Pinzgauer or Unimog as "mother" vehicle.
Aren't quad bikes a bit labour-intensive? One man per quad, and while you're riding one of them things you have no attention to spare for what's going on around you (unless you want to fall off)*. Crewed vehicles give the cdr and others a chance to keep eyes on the surroundings to a fair extent.

Just a tuppence worth from a quad bike rider and ex inf recce (albeit STAB)

*spot the bitter personal experience. Ow.
We had a type of quad in the old days of 24 Airmobile (as well as the light shite vechile). Good bits of kit and ideal for snipers and mortor plt etc, etc.
I remember putting about 20 blokes on one of those fancy "supercat" jobbies, Ahh 24 Airmobile Brigade, what a load of shat
24 Airmobile = Fly, Dig and Die. Not quite Air Cavalry was it ? And as for "Red Shank" - aaarrrgghh.
Some interesting points there so far. RGSM agree that patrolling is our bread and butter, but Rifle Coy soldiers only taught so far, and my understanding is that patrols platoon have a higher skill level due to their focus being away from 26 ton beasts.

If any LI or Para on here would appreciate your thoughts.
Look on the 3 para website and you will see alot of info on their patrols platoon for the last years activities. It seems they are abit more than your average Recce plt.
More like baby pathfinders.
Joker - 30 tonnes with Chobam bolted on! Mind you, with a 17.5 litre TDI under the bonnet it dosen't make too much difference

Have to admit though, infantry skill levels do tend to lapse when armoured, i.e. bergans get bigger and squaddies get lazier.

Going back to the 24 Bde theme - what about using dune buggies? Low thermal and silhouette, lots of room for add ons, easy to cam-up, 2-3 squaddies + kit on board. 1LI & 2RAR had them in 24 Bde back in 94/5 - I remember them swanning all over SPTA one summer

BBM - Remember? Did you take them to Ploce?

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