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i am going on my DITS course, i am making a presentation with regards to the aims of patrolling and types of patrols

i am after some video's of fighting, recce, standing patrols

anybody got some?

Don't want to put a dampener on this but, if your going on a DITs course the staff will want to see you instruct not play videos.

Of course others may take a different view.
When I did dits, your lesson had to be on acetates or a white board; power points, etc weren't allowed, I don't know if that's still the case though. The visual aids course (I think that's what it's called) is where you can have a bit of fun with technology.
Powerpoints are allowed now, a m8 did his course just recently

i was going to stick the videos in the powerpoint as example, rather than death by powerpoint

I reckon you'd be okay with a PowerPoint, but not sure about the video. Besides, not sure how interesting a video of a recce patrol would be anyway?
If you haven't already, check with RTC in question before you put too many whizz bangs in it.
I know it's not easy in these early stages, but you are trying to develop a teaching style which suits you, whilst delivering the topic in an engaging, concise and knowledgable manner. Once you sort this, then you can start using all the fancy presentation methods to aid your teaching.
Just a thought.
There used to be a video which showed the different personalities in a recce patrol. Scout, Commander etc. If your Inf capbadge (which I imagine you are given the choice of subject) its bound to be knocking about your TAC.

The only thing about the video was the guys were carrying SLRs.

Ask your permanent staff.
You need to use these:-

Download videos from youtube etc

Convert to a format you like

First link downloads it, second one converts it to whatever you want.
Just a word of warning - I thought this looked fab: Downloaded double quick and started to use it to grab a Youtube video for a lecture I'm giving at the vicar's school in a couple of weeks time.

Trouble is, either the prgramme itself or the video I downloaded did something nasty to my computer. Every time I went to 'my docs' from that point on (where the video was stored) the whole PC closed down! Took me about 6 hours to repair the registry files and restore my settings (since it also knackered the system restore programme at the same time.)

Anyone else have a problem or is it just me?

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