Patrol skills comp

Chaps, can anyone tell me the name of the annual patrol skills competion T.a units take part in?
It's AMSTAP (or it certainly used to be). Wasn't just about patrol skills though as CBRN, casualty extraction under fire, march and shoot and command tasks were all features of AMSTAP a few years ago. The overall emphasis was on teamwork more than anything else. Last I heard was that they were running it every other year although I may have that mixed up with Skill At Arms Meet :oops: However, no doubt it's all been tweaked since then!
AMSTAP it is: the AMS TA Patrol Competition.

Once held annually, budgetary constraints now mean that it is a biannual competition with the next event due in June-ish 07. I think the plan is for it to be oop norf, but could be wrong.

If memory serves, I think it's planned for Wathgill this year. It's now alternate years with the 2 Med Bde SAAM in between.
AMSTAP, thats the one, cheers fellas and fellaress's
Am doing this in 07, it will be my first one.......All them butterflys.......
Apparently there will be an element of FISH/OBUA/FIBUA (or whatever it is called that week)


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