Patrol Sacks

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by black_taxi, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Just got hold of one of the above, any one got a SOP on packing them. ie what goes in the top pouches, side pouches, and main compartment. Prefer sensible answers please.
    All the Bessst
  2. What are you packing it for? Range day, excercise in the UK/ course, Iraqistan?
  3. Bit of everything
  4. IMHO anything that is critical eg any nav eqpt, small torch, knife of some description (you get the idea) should be as far as poss in your jacket or webbing. As you know your webbin will also have as much ammo, food and water as poss. This leaves the patrol sack for anything less important or too bulky.
    Suggestions for the side pouches are spare rifle ammo as they are easy to get to and are ideally sized- someone else can get into that pouch with belt buckle on the floor.
    The main compartment is good for anything bulky eg radio batts/ radio, warm kit/ goretex additional rations and water(stuff that you are less likely to need in an emergency).
    The top areas can be used for anything really but whatever you put in them tends to rattle like hell if youre not careful.
    Every situation is different and without knowing what that is you cannot give a defined llist. As for 'sop' it is your pack- as long as you know what goes where and your mates know where the spare ammo/ med kit are then who cares.
    You could argue the finer points all night but remember that if you are separated from it you need to be able to continue- dont put your maps etc in there.
  5. 762
    yeah many thanx for the input, I was just thinking about what others put in them. I have a non issue version I have used for years,just thought I would ask.
    All the Bessst
  6. Yeah I got banned from using my Monroe but now I prefer the PLCE one. They do break easily however, the 'waterproof' bit at the top where the draw cord goes comes away with little effort and the side pouches scrape through at the base very easily.
    Beats the siht out of rocket packs mind
  7. 762
    breaking not a problem,have got access to repair facilities
    All The Bessst