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patrol sack


Thats my prob iv only seen them for about 80-90 quid and no where seems to have them instock. i dont really trust ebay as got conned in the past.


yeah im regular got issued one of them dog sh*t black ones which after about 2 weeks work, has had both side pockets wear through at the bottomand the top flap all but came off... other than that its just dandy
oh and been told we wont be issued another one!
Before we went on HERRICK last year my Bn had them issued (brand spankers) down to a man. They were on our G1098 flick. Have a dig around your unit they may be collecting dust on a shelf somewhere.
blobmeister said:
We get them issued, and they are £26 to go diffy I think (I am an SQMS though)
How times change used to be a *stared item and no chance of it just going ffing diffy .Why they dont just issue to infantry or anyone else who needs one i dont know.
rice_boy said:
this site is doing export NI daysacks for £40


They're not real ones. The quality is worse than Web-Tex. You want quality? Buy a brand name. Issue, Berghaus or Karrimor SF. Had a Karrimor SF 45 litre for three years and have rarely used anything else. Comfy and durable.
got issued a NI daysack out in theatre

unfortunately though a rocket hit our clothing stores, so all the paperwork burnt away for them :D

so got 1 of them and also a leathermans, and they arent on our flick!

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